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Orde’s Vow

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

“I am determined to make sure that it is never going to happen again,” Sir Hugh Orde told the Echo in a phone interview.
However, the fact that there will be no prosecutions — this in large part because documentation in many cases of Special Branch collusion with loyalist killers was destroyed — was not enough for one U.S. congressman.
“This is incredibly outrageous,” said Rep. Jim Walsh of New York.
“There are clearly people in the [North] police system who need to be cleared out,” the Syracuse Republican said.
Orde, however, said that the “vast majority” of those RUC Special Branch officers implicated in the report by Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan had since retired.
Orde said that the practice of destroying records had been discontinued in the RUC’s successor, the PSNI.
The police chief said he found O’Loan’s report to be “disturbing and very uncomfortable reading” and said that he felt “deeply disturbed” over the fact that some senior offices had not cooperated with O’Loan’s inquiry.
Orde said he accepted all O’Loan’s recommendations. He hoped that Sinn F

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