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Orla’s Diary: Resolutions to keep!

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

This year I think I might need a little extra help with keeping some of them, so I figured if I put them in print then I will have more than the usual handful of friends readily prepared to do a bit of knuckle wrapping should I fall off the bandwagon at any given opportunity!
Firstly and foremost, I resolve, to get my bod bikini-ready by summer — I’ve been talking about it for the past few years, but after a trip to the Gap on Dec. 28 to get a necessary pair of drawstring sweatpants — a trip forced upon me by over indulging the days previous — I nearly cried when I saw bikinis lining the walls.
Oh no! Not so soon, let me at least sign up for pilates before I see the pressure of what lies ahead! There’s still snow on the ground and I’ve been hiding under Victorian skirts for the past three months!
So, pilates lessons are top of my list.
Second on the list is to actually use the endless supply of beauty products I get spoiled with by my sisters each Christmas. While the entire line of Clinique’s products does look nice on my bathroom shelf, the build up on my shelf is slim compared to the build up of foreign bodies on my face.
It would be much smarter to use these luxurious products daily and I’m sure the result will leave me with little or no bumps in the New Year. This is going to cut in half my under eye concealer bill and save myself a lot of money in the long run!
Laziness is not normally a word I like to apply to myself but it’s the only one that comes to mind when asked about my skincare regime! So a “skincare routine” is going to be put into effect.
Thirdly, I vow not to buy anything black with more that 10 percent cotton lycra. I have enough black cotton lycra to clothe the whole of China. It is neither fashionable, flattering (or tumble-dryer friendly). I seem to buy ten new tank tops each May, and then end up finding the nine leftovers that I never even took the tags off from last year. Zip-up hoodies were cute when I was in college and sweatpants really only look good at the gym! So anything containing black lycra is a big NO.
Fourthly, go somewhere more exciting than the Caribbean. Three years in a row is becoming a little repetitious. This year, I think I’m going to try for Buenos Aires, with my bikini-glad bod, some colorful silk tops and a face glowing from daily exfoliation!

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