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Orla’s Diary: Tabletop dressing

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Winter is a season of tabletop gifts… pretty tops, jewelry and the latest colors in makeup. After all, we do spend most of the coming weeks sitting on the view from the waist up. Happy days for me, as my legs unfortunately are still maturing to the pins that I desire!
I made my New Year’s resolution a few months back, in May to be exact, when I was trying on new skirts for summer. I decided there and then that 2006 would be the year of the leg. I am going back to my Pilates trainer and sticking with her this time, I swear!
Of course, I had already started my holiday shopping by picking up a few top options and some jewels for my luncheon with the ladies.
I hadn’t gone out intentionally to make a purchase for my lunch date, but as I passed The New York Look in Soho, a bag in the window that lured me inside. But thankfully, close up it was far too rectangular, when my current mood is rounded. At $950, I was delighted to see corners!
Another personal New Years resolution: ’06 is going to be a year of angles and not curves, physically speaking!
Once in, however, I was of course distracted by all the color. I have made a conscious decision that this season is going to be a season of color, which in my vocabulary means brown, plum, charcoal and navy — as opposed to my usual winter wardrobe of black, black with black, black on top of black!
Three tops later, I left the store. Incredibly, the damage was not equal to what the lone bag would have done!
I chose to wear the printed top, though they are all printed, another rarity for me, but this one had an ensemble of jewels encrusted into the neckline.
I still chose to wear a pair of shoulder dusters to create a little extra drama — tabletop dressing at its finest. They were a big hit with the ladies, five inches of dangling hearts — what’s not to love?
So while some beauty secrets and fashion finds are too good to share, I decided, it being the season of good will and all, to let them in on the price, a mere $7.99 and the source, girlprops.com.
A scurry ensued to find pen and paper but as usual, with my girls it was eyeliner on the taxi receipt!
We all need some real stones in our jewelry boxes, but why splurge on a $2,000 pair of five inch shoulder dusters when I’m sure next spring will be all about pearl studs? If only I could gift-wrap beauty tips, then I’d have half my Christmas shopping done!

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