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Post will carry parade line of march

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Committee chairman John Dunleavy met with Post publisher Lachlan Murdoch at the daily tabloid’s offices on Sixth Avenue Monday.
Also present at the meeting was Post editor-in-chief Col Allan.
Dunleavy said Tuesday that the meeting had been cordial and frank.
He said that he’d discussed issues including the editorial with Murdoch and Allan and that they had agreed that the editorial had erred in its comparing of Adams to bin Laden.
“We parted on good terms. We have a very good relationship with the New York Post and that will continue into the foreseeable future,” Dunleavy said.
He confirmed that this relationship would include the Post’s carrying of this year’s parade details.
Dunleavy said that during the meeting he had “relayed the concerns” of parade-affiliated organizations over the Nov. 2 editorial.
The editorial dealt with an Adams fundraising visit to New York and New Jersey and was headed “Osama’s Soul Brother.”
“Osama is an evil man. We may not be nominating Gerry Adams for sainthood but he’s not in the same ballpark,” Dunleavy said.
The Monday meeting’s outcome means a reaffirmation of a link between the parade and the Post going back several years.
The Post last year published a special supplement that included the line of march along with feature copy and St. Patrick’s Day-related ads.
But the paper was not mentioned as a line of march carrier at various parade-linked press conferences in recent weeks.
This gave rise to speculation that the line of march would be withheld despite an agreement between the parade committee and the Post extending until 2005.
The line will be carried this year by the Irish Echo, and, in addition to the Post, Catholic New York and the Tablet, the Brooklyn diocesan newspaper.

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