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Quiz Questions

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

1. Who was president of the United States in 1922?

2. Great Blasket Island is part of which Irish county?

3. Lester Bowles Pearson was prime minister of which country?

4. Was the lowest-ever recorded temperature on earth minus-94 degrees Fahrenheit, minus-112 or minus-129?

5. Franco Harris was a Super Bowl MVP for which football team?

6. In 1969, singer Tiny Tim wedded Miss Vicki on what popular TV show?

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7. Which African country is the more southerly, Angola or Botswana?

8. What kind of furniture item is an escritoire?

9. The cathedral church of St. John Lateran is in which city?

10. How many days are there in May?

Quiz answers

1. Warren Harding; 2. Kerry; 3. Canada; 4. 129; 5. Pittsburgh Steelers; 6. Johnny Carson’s "Tonight Show"; 7. Botswana; 8. Writing desk; 9. Rome; 10. 31.

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