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Quiz Questions

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

1. Who was the first U.S. vice president to become president without being popularly elected?

2. Which state’s coastline is sandwiched between those of Alabama and Louisiana?

3. True or false, Aramaic is a language?

4. England’s Henry VIII ruled in which century?

5. Which is the more northerly, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland?

6. Would an iconoclast be inclined to attack or defend traditional beliefs?

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7. What is the more informal name of the religious group known as the Society of Friends?

8. Is a scarlet tanager a kind of berry, bird or flower?

9. Sesterce and denarius were coins minted by which ancient civilization?

10. If a thought is visceral, it is considered instinctive or the product of an intellectual process?

Quiz Answers

1. Gerald Ford; 2. Mississippi; 3. True; 4. 16th; 5. Newfoundland; 6. Attack; 7. Quakers; 8. Bird; 9. Rome; 10. Instinctive.

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