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Quiz Questions

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

1. Complete the Apollo 11 trio: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and . . .

2. Complete the book title: "The Wind In The . . ."

3. John O’Mahony established what secret society in New York in 1859?

4. Cape May is located on which state’s coastline?

5. The common vegetable allium cepa is known in English as what?

6. In the Arthur Conan Doyle books, what is the name of Sherlock Holmes’s housekeeper?

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7. What nationality was the composer Claude Debussy?

8. True or false, the African country Mauritania is landlocked?

9. Dublin is bordered by how many other counties?

10. Who wrote the play "Coriolanus"?

Quiz Answers

1. Michael Collins

2. Willows

3. The Fenians

4. New Jersey

5. Onion

6. Mrs. Hudson

7. French

8. False

9. Three

10. William Shakespeare

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