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‘Ring’ of truth in body ID’s

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Midtown North detectives are still investigating the murder of a woman whose skeletal body had a ring with the initials “PMcG” inscribed on it.
An inscribed ring and an Irish claddagh ring were initial clues in the identification of Parisi, whose battered body was discovered at Sands Point on Long Island. She was laid to rest this past Monday, a day after Edgar Sanchez, the father of Parisi’s four-month-old daughter and a “person of interest” in the case, was arrested in Ohio.
In the case of the Manhattan victim — whose case was featured at one point on the television show “America’s Most Wanted” — detectives are hoping that a new national computer link that matches up dental records might finally lead to a breakthrough.
“There’s a new data base and there is a forensic anthropologist at the (NYC) medical examiner’s office who wants to try and make a match between our victim and a missing person’s report,” said Midtown North detective Gerard Gardiner, the lead investigator in the Manhattan case.
All indications are that the Westside victim, who was no more than 21 years old, was murdered.
Her remains were found in early 2003 by construction workers who were cleaning out the basement for a next-door restaurant that was expanding its premises.
The body had been wrapped in a rug and concealed under a layer of relatively fresh concrete, which itself was hidden behind an old coal-burning furnace.
The building where the possible “PMcG” was buried is at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 46th Street.
The neighborhood was once the haunt of the notorious Irish gang the Westies.
A bar frequented by Westies members, “The Blue Moon,” was located on the Eighth Avenue side of the building, but has long since closed.
The apartment building itself had become a hangout for prostitutes and pimps during the 1980s. Examination of the dead woman’s remains indicated that her time of death was no earlier than 1988.
The body of the young woman had been tied with extension cord and pantyhose.
Hair fibers indicated the likelihood of red or reddish hair.
But it was the initials on the ring, along with the historical Irishness of the neighborhood, that led Gardiner and fellow investigators to believe that “PMcG” might indicate ownership by someone with an Irish name.

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