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Ryanair responds

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Ryanair has attacked claims by the British Airline Pilots Association that its pilots often fly more than the permitted 900-hours-per-year limit.

IMPACT, the pilots union, said that it has had no complaints yet, but one BAPA member says he is suing Ryanair for unfair dismissal after he was sacked when he made a procedural error at the end of what he claims was an exhausting schedule.

Ryanair strongly rejected BAPA’s claim, saying that the average number of hours was 809.

The Irish Aviation Authority noted that Germany and the U.S. allow pilots to fly 1,000 hours a year, and said that Ireland’s more restrictive policy would be upheld.

Ryanair’s spokesperson said that any pilot who has reached their 900 hours limit is not allowed to fly again until the following year.

The spokesman added: “The system is further enhanced by Ryanair’s stable rosters, all of which are issued 28 days in advance, with a guaranteed minimum of five days off in every 14-day period with pilots operating from their home bases and no night-time flying.”

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