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Soccer Scene: Wishful thinking and resolutions

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Robbie Keane is going to brush up on his summersaults and tumbles. The trademark celebration looks dangerous. The Irishman could do himself an injury.
Tottenham Hotspur’s manager Martin Jol must commit to continued time for Keane. Over the weekend, the gifted forward showed his critics an all around game against Newcastle United. Keane was involved in everything Spurs but unfortunately he didn’t score.
David O’Leary, we hope, will continue turning Aston Villa around towards the end of the ’06 season. He has actually done it before, believe it or not.
Mick McCarthy has to stop complaining about how bad his Sunderland is. This year McCarthy is going to stick to the fundamental aspects of the game such as tactics and technique. We know that McCarthy will get the mental attitude right and his boys will fight to the end. Keeping the faith is part of the course when it comes to Sunderland staying in the top flight.
Cork and Derry should keep up the challenge for the Eircom title. Shelbourne also need to give a better account of themselves in 2006. Eircom League must continue to play soccer under the sun — it’s working. Playing conditions also improved for Drogheda, who beat Cork for the FAI Carlsberg Cup. Teams in the west of Ireland should look to make an impact in the 2006 Eircom League
John Giles, Eamon Dunphy and now Liam Brady must resolve their difference before airing them on television. Giles and Dunphy have put some priceless shows together and it looks like the old boys might drag Brady in to their real exploits. Come to think of it, we’re actually wishing that they don’t resolve their differences.
Chelsea’s John Terry should cop on to himself and lower the socks off his knees. Only sublime players like Thierry Henry and Cristiano Ronaldo can get away with the knee coverage. And Ronaldo only just about gets the sock license — so please lower the socks, John.
Henry is to stop waving his teammates into a huddle when he scores a goal for Arsenal. Then the French intellect tries to get their minds together as if there is some deep meaning to the celebration. Don’t force it, Thierry. This year the Arsenal forward is going to make take a leap when he scores by running around like a lunatic jumping in the air and waving to the crowds. Maybe he can take summersault and cart wheel lessons with Irishman Robbie Keane. Henry is going to take all the glory. He is not going to call a team celebration. Especially with teammates who were not part of the goal and really hadn’t a clue what was going on until the ball was in the back of the net. Also, can Jose Mourinho stop picking on Arsene Wenger? And can Wenger be more honest with his comments after the game? Especially with what he says after looking at the tape. Wenger comes off like a whiner when he does this, he has to stop.
Arsenal’s Jens Lehmann should stop looking for trouble when he’s running out carrying the ball. He’s looking for trouble, it’s quite obvious. The Gunners’ keeper should be careful what he wishers for in these antics.
Alex Ferguson to stop buying players who he thinks will eventually make a difference. He must buy the finished product, like a Wayne Rooney. And when Fergie does buy such players he’s to give them more time. So from here on in we wish Ferguson will give Cristiano Ronaldo a better look and a lot more time. The United boss is also not going to allow the club’s power to intervene when it comes to buying players in Asia. His buys over the last few years have been sub-par.
Speaking of, Wayne “Wonder Boy” Rooney should going to stop getting involved with referees. But don’t hold your breath on that one.
Steven Gerrard is too good a player to be getting involved in the physical side of the game. He is well able to handle himself now. Don’t go there, Stevie.
Wigan Athletic needs to stop talking about avoiding relegation until they are actually in the relegation zone.
Bryan Robson to get more credit for the job he’s doing at West Brom. Then again, that is attention West Brom could probably do without.
Manchester City’s manager Stuart Pearce will not run on to the field to place the ball for opponent’s who are trying to waste time.
Referees to study and learn more about the game and from a player’s perspective. Refs must know when a player is trying to get one over on him. The men in black must know when players are using their bodies to get a free — a free that these players win when they should be losing the ball. Also when players force frees to waste time, refs should be a step ahead in the game here, and they should not give in.
Wishing that refs got more things right in the game is a fair one. The ultimate wish is that they referee the perfect game. Ref’s resolutions are easy. Improve the course for the license with simple understandings such as playing the advantage. Or making better rules for the offside trap so there is no gray area when the linesman puts the flag up. Seeing daylight between the forward and the defender is the signal for giving the offside call. It’s not that clear. Other moments must also be taken in to consideration.
The attacking player cannot run until the ball is released. The linesman must get this end of things right, also. He must be able to coordinate the release of the ball by the playmaker and the timing of the run by the forward. Players are way ahead in the game when it comes to this skill and vision. Refs need to catch up here.
Finally, can we stop the dream that Diego Maradona will play again? Then again, it’s all just wishful thinking.

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