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February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

“We’re seeing a lot more freckly lace curtain looks on the catwalk now rather than the traditional, Brazilian party-girl look,” according to Emily Dougherty, beauty director with Elle Magazine.
“People think of red hair and freckles as Irish. Irish women are known for their flawless skin.”
Whilst celebrities like Jean Butler have helped to glamorize the “Irish colleen” look in recent years, any beautician will testify that a large number of Irish women go to great pains to disguise their complexions. In an age where sun-kissed skin is considered synonymous with beauty, self-tan and sun beds have become a common part of many Irish women’s beauty regimes. In extreme cases, some women even resort to laser surgery to remove their freckles.
However, fashion experts say that the tide is turning, with celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Gwen Stefani advocating that bright, flawless skin tone associated with the Emerald Isle.
“Clean is the new bling, you’re seeing it on the red carpets,” said Dougherty.
“Regardless of your ethnic background, people want to have gorgeous, flawless skin. The message that’s coming through is that you don’t have to have a tan to achieve radiant skin.”
The rise of Irish-American actress Lindsay Lohan has helped to contribute to the increasing popularity of clear, freckled skin. Ironically, the hell-raising actress allegedly hates her complexion, but top New York models like Maggie Rizer, Cinta and Lilly Cole sport their freckles and red hair with pride.
“Lilly Cole is one of the most successful models on the London catwalk at the moment,” according to Irish Times Fashion editor Deirdre McQuillan.
“She typifies the look, she’s got that pale, porcelain china skin and red hair. It’s definitely a look that’s having an effect.”
Indeed, aspiring models may even benefit from spending time in the Irish climate, which skin experts say is to thank for our beautiful skin.
“A dermatologist once told me that in terms of your skin, the best place in the world to live is Ireland or Seattle,” said Dougherty.

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