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Stark, raving lads

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

If you’re an Irish twenty-something, those are actually words to live by. Because there have been major changes in club music in the last 10 years and — believe it or not — Irish DJs have been at their forefront since the start. Firstly, musical tastes have changed — or, more accurately, they have diversified — and like never before. In the ’80s, for the most part, you had a fairly basic choice between pop music and rock. But today young people are listening to an ever-widening field that includes dance, trance, house, jungle, hip-hop, trip-hop, R&B, rap, electro, techno, Euro dance and more.
Just keeping up with the latest names for the latest musical hybrids will instantly signal to the cognoscenti if you’re “with it” or “past it.” And woe to the mere mortal who unwittingly confuses one new club sound with another, because to house music purists, for example, trance music is the mark of the devil. Think of the internecine squabbles between the punks and the hippies and you’re getting a good sense of the issues at play here.
As talented Irish DJ Denver Cochrane of New York-based dance party Best Music puts it: “House music is what the true clubbers want to hear — because trance music attracts kids from New Jersey wielding glow sticks, which obviously nobody wants.” (Musical trends may come and go, it seems, but cracks about New Jersey will endure through the ages).
MicroMotion Entertainment is the best known Irish promotional company for this kind of house music event, flying in new Irish DJs each month to show off their distinctive skills to Irish and American club goers. Established and operated by Niall Rafferty here in Manhattan, his company regularly presents cutting-edge dance nights to appreciative club goers in several New York locations. Thanks to its efforts, the East Village, Chelsea and now Yonkers have all become first-choice venues for a rotating series of premier league Irish dance parties. If you’re Irish and in your 20s and you live within the five boroughs, you probably already know all about them.
The majority of young Irish people who live outside Manhattan tend to party close to their own turf — due to the considerable expense and hassle of getting to and from Manhattan late at night — and so MicroMotion decided to solve their commuting issue by bringing the mountain to Mohammed. MicroMotion’s popular Summer Series kicked off its 2003 dance parties before a capacity crowd at Rockin’ Robbins on McLean Avenue in Yonkers on Memorial Day, when it hosted the award-winning Irish DJ Francois. By all accounts, it was a night to remember, with the entire audience and even the bar staff getting into the beat (albeit from a safe distance behind the bar) by the end of the evening.
MicroMotion also runs a celebrated occasional series of New York City dance parties at the Leopard Lounge in the East Village and at the Frying Pan in Chelsea. The latter venue is an atmospheric out-of-commission lightship drydocked along the Chelsea Piers that positively brims with a risqu

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