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The 6 Trimble proposals

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

€ In view of the failure of the IRA to re-engage with the Independent International Commission on Decommissioning, as from today Sinn Fein ministers will not be nominated to attend any North-South Ministerial Council meeting. This sanction to be lifted when there is substantial engagement by the IRA with the IICD and to be reimposed in the event of such engagement not making reasonable progress on decommissioning.

€ The IICD to become pro-active in fulfilling their mandate, making regular (at least monthly) reports, setting deadlines and prescribing timetables. These to provide for progress on re-engagement; agreement on decommissioning procedures; commencement of actual decommissioning; and completion of decommissioning.

€ If either government or any other party puts obstacles in the way of the above, then selected categories of NSMC, British Irish Council etc, meetings will be progressively terminated.

€ The government to convene a formal review in the event of any failure to achieve progress.

€ Moratorium on policing changes until peace assured.

€ The Ulster Unionist Party to consider progress on above at the beginning of January with the Ulster Unionist Review Group reporting regularly to the officers and Executive.

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