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The Irish Echo Quiz

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter


1. The Tynwald is the name of the parliament of which island territory?

2. Is a mamba a kind of dance, musical instrument or poisonous snake?

3. Which West African country was known as Gold Coast before it became independent?

4. What is the formal name of Knock Airport in County Mayo?

5. What are Modern Maturity, McCall’s and Redbook?

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6. The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted what right and for whom?

7. The Oaks, St. Ledger and 1,000 Guineas are all what?

8. What was the country of birth of the explorer and missionary David Livingstone?

9. Lake Nasser is in which country?

10. The Eiffel Tower is on the left or the right bank of the River Seine in Paris?

Quiz Answers

1. Isle of Man; 2. Snake; 3. Ghana; 4. Horan International Airport; 5. Magazines; 6. Women’s suffrage; 7. Horse races; 8. Scotland; 9. Egypt; 10. Left.

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