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The Spirit moved him

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The Aussie heartthrob (whose Irish roots are firmly planted in County Longford) says that he drew his strength and inspiration from the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.
“The Holy Ghost was working through me on this film,” the devoutly Catholic Gibson told news web site ananova.com. “I was just directing traffic. I hope the film has the power to evangelize.”
The actor, who bankrolled the film to the tune of $28 million and served as executive producer, has been attacked by religious groups who feel that the film is anti-Semitic and excessively violent.
Mel insists that the charges are unfounded.
“Anti-Semitism is not only contrary to my personal beliefs, it is also contrary to the core message of my movie,” he insisted. Stay tuned.
In more religious-themed news, we figured this was one protest that was long overdue. Catholic League president William Donohue is mad as, er, heck that there are no Mass-attending, parochial-schooled superheroes on the big screen.
Noting Marvel Comics’ recent revelations that The Thing is Jewish, Captain America is African American and the Rawhide Kid is gay, Donohue thinks it’s time for parity of (superhuman) power.
“Blacks, Jews and gays,” Donohue fumed to the New York Post’s Page Six column recently. “Aren’t these the very groups the Catholic League always says get special treatment? Maybe it’s time we had an affirmative action system for Catholics so we can catch up with everyone else.”
Finding a Catholic icon shouldn’t be too difficult. Let’s look at the top contenders:

Super hero Background Catholic-meter
Only survivor of Planet Krypton
Clark Kent was brought up on a farm in the Midwest, which indicates Protestant upbringing.
But wants to save the world and wouldn’t fool around with Lois Lane until they were legally wed.
No problem wearing unflattering blue and red uniform.
Catholic score: 6 out of 10

Fabulously wealthy playboy
Orphaned as a child, Bruce Wayne devoted his life to throwing fancy parties by day and fighting crime by night. Sidekicks include a clueless aunt, a pumped-up ward and a wise old butler. Everyone knows Catholic aunts are sharp as tacks.
Catholic score: 2 out of 10

Gained superpowers from a radioactive arachnid
Peter Powers is a dark and tortured soul who obviously paid attention in gym class. Difficult relationship with mother, who wishes he’d put his webs in the hamper where they belong. Uniform plus: no cape!
Catholic score: 7 out of 10

The Hulk
Nuclear Physicist with unresolved anger issues
Bruce Banner’s lifelong conflict with his father caused him to bottle up his feelings until a dose of nuclear radiation and some Dr. Phil-type affirmations encouraged him to express his negative thoughts. No fashion sense, which indicates years spent in plaid blazers. Likes to show off his muscles — and this two-ton hunk is green to the core. Probably has a shamrock tattoo.
Catholic score: 10 out of 10

Welcome to Southfork
As part of Hollywood’s ongoing effort to resurrect every cheesy TV show broadcast since the cathode ray tube was invented, we hear that ’80s uber soap “Dallas” is next in line for the big screen treatment. But 22 years after the nation wondered who shot J.R. comes a more important question: who’s got a shot at being J.R.? and Bobby? And crazy, boozy ol’ Sue Ellen?
In the running to play the evil J.R. Ewing are Bruce Willis and John Travolta, while Jessica Lange seems to have a lock on Sue Ellen and Reese Witherspoon has been mentioned as the vixenish Lucy. But the most inspired casting, so far, is Irish hottie Colin Farrell as the noble and long-suffering Bobby. Hey, he already does a pretty good American accent (see “Tigerland”, “Phone Booth” and “Minority Report”) and has mastered a Texas drawl in “American Outlaws.” Plus, he worked as a line dance instructor in Dublin (“Boot-Scootin’ Boogie,” anyone?) We say, just get that ol’ Stetson ready, darlin’.
In more Colin news, we thought you’d appreciate this tidbit: He likes to dance around his apartment. Naked. To ’80s music. Suggested soundtrack: Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself,” David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” and Men Without Hats’ “The Safety Dance.” And, of course, the soundtrack to “Dirty Dancing.”

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