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They came, they saw, they left, conquered

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

“There was never a row between the five of us, but we felt at the time that we couldn’t go on,” band member Nicky Byrne told Britain’s News of the World. “[It was] because of how badly things had been organized around us.”
The pressure built to the point where Bryan McFadden felt he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Bryan said he just had to go home and he couldn’t deal with it and that’s it,” Byrne said. “We booked a flight for Bryan and we just wished him the best.”
The band, who are back home in Dublin after launching their Greatest Hits album with personal appearances throughout the country, insist that they are determined to stay together. But the past few months have been tough.
“We were in America and we should have been enjoying it, but we weren’t,” Mark Feehily said.
“When we got back we really had to sit down with the record company to tell them to start treating us like human beings or they’d lose the band and we’d split up.”
But fret not, Westlife fans: in the end, it seems that the kids are alright.
“We didn’t want [to split up],” said Feehily. But, according to the singer, instead of Westlife breaking America, “America did nearly break [Westlife].”

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