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Tracings Angel O’Donnell and a Joyce revival

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Olivia Tracey

Ireland’s answer to Superman, health and nutritionist Tony O’Donnell, is taking America by storm these days.

While his melodious cousin Daniel croons the international airwaves, Dr. Tony is nourishing the networks, from Fox to NBC, sharing his healthy expertise and discussing the benefits of his self-created superfood, Emerald Greens. In addition to this, the Donegal boy’s first book, "Miracle Superfoods That Heal," is already flying off the bookshelves, paving the way for his next book on safe dieting, which he is currently in the process of writing.

His company, O’Donnell’s Health Advantage, celebrated its first birthday on July 12 as an incorporated business and has since added a marketing arm to its already healthy body with "Airstream Media."

Airstream creates news letters, designs websites, purchases airtime and provides hosts for radio and TV, all done from their fast expanding offices at 1148 4th St., Santa Monica, CA 90403; (310) 458-1169.

As if this isn’t enough, he has just executive produced a short Irish film, "All the Best," penned by Irish-American writer Laurel Walsh. The theme of the movie is the Celtic Tiger’s reverse effect on the tide of emigration, and stars "Children in the Crossfire’s" Geraldine Hughes, Tony O’Donnell himself and Yours Truly here as the Donegal lad’s sassy sister. The film should be seen at numerous worldwide festivals next year.

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Meanwhile, the superman of superfoods, otherwise known as "The Green Machine," has just turned angel with his first Humanitarian Award from the Angels on Earth Foundation for his contribution to health and wellness in the U.S.

Also being honored with an award was none other than Carlos Santana, who, unfortunately, couldn’t be there because he is suffering from exhaustion and must take it easy for the next while. However, one of the band’s lead singers Alex Ligertwood, accepted the award on his behalf.

In fact, it was a real who’s who, with an all-star band featuring performers from Chicago, Jethro Tull and, of course, Santana. Mingling among the packed audience were Dustin Hoffman, Ellen Barkin and Mickey Rourke.

The man behind the Angels on Earth Foundation is musician Marino, who, incidentally, has just done the music for Mickey Rourke’s latest, and as yet untitled, movie. Born and reared in England of Portuguese, Polish and Irish ancestry (his maternal grandfather), Marino’s sole vision of Angels on Earth is to provide worldwide healing music, free of charge, to hospitals, surgeons, therapists, doctors and most importantly, their patients. For information, visit their website at www.marinosoundwaves.com or to request a CD or tape e-mail marinosound@earthlink.net or write to P.O. Box 6819, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Incidentally, I have just returned from a perfomance that simply blew me away, so I am compelled to recommend Marino’s latest album, "The Unexpected Alliance," which also features guest performers from Santana, Chicago, and Earth, Wind and Fire. It is currently on sale nationwide.

In the meantime, actress Geraldine Hughes is temporarily departing from West Coast shores for a theatrical venture in New York. She will spend December rehearsing the role of Freida in Anne Devlin’s "Ourselves Alone" with director Martha Demson, in preparation for a Jan. 12 opening at The Producers’ Club II, 332 West 44th St., NYC. Tickets are $15. For reservations, call (212) 946-6585.

Here in Hollywood, Tim Murphy’s performance in the Pacific Resident Theater’s "Lady Chatterley’s Lover" is causing quite a stir. Casting directors are flocking to witness the hunky Irishman in action and, as I write this, he is shooting his first major TV show, an episode of Terry George’s CBS series, "The District."

Speaking of Irish actors, Shay Duffin, of course, comes to mind. Not long back in California after a hit run of Joyce’s "The Dead" in Washington, D.C’s prestigious Kennedy Center, he has, as always an interesting tale to tell. A Dublin barrister, Brendan Kilty, happened to be in D.C. at the time on business. Coincidentally, this particular barrister had previously bought the house of "The Dead, originally owned by Joyce’s aunts, at 15 Usher’s Quay, which had fallen to rack and ruin. In the process of restoring the home, Kilty had all the collapsed debris preserved in a Dublin warehouse, including 63 bricks, each of which he plans to have made into a commemorative Joyce seat.

It just so happened that he had brought two of the bricks with him on the D.C. trip, and so impressed was he with the show that he returned the following night to present one to the cast on stage before a full 1,400-seat audience. It was voted that the brick should go to the only true Irish member of the cast, which, of course, is Shay Duffin, who now intends to make it the foundation for the first Joyce seat in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, back in Dublin, the house is being restored in the style of the Joycean era, the dining room to be made into a performance eatery in an effort to preserve and replay history.

Finally, we have the chance to take another trip down memory lane on Saturday, Dec. 16, at the Hollywood Roosevelt’s Cinegrill, at 7000 Hollywood Blvd. Actress Shelley Long will perform the second half of "Little Women," the first half of which she performed some time ago. The event takes the form of a radio recording before a live audience, under the direction of producer Peggy Webber McClory, wife of actor Sean McClory ("The Quiet Man" and "The Dead"). It also features, among others, Beverly Garland, Tom McGreevy and Cornelia Hayes O’Herlihy, daughter-in-law of actor Dan O’Herlihy. For information or reservations, call (213) 683-3422.

Now, before I take off for Christmas skiing to my newlywed Irish cousin in Oregon, I can’t resist a pre-Christmas week in New York, visiting my favorite city and my many treasured friends. Hope to see you as I do the social rounds, taking what no doubt will be a very greedy bite of that delicious Big Apple.

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