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Voting worldwide

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Americans living overseas, and there are more than three million of them, can vote once they have met the specific requirements that come with their far flung enfranchisement.
This is a good thing. Given the importance of the American president to all who live in this world it is appropriate that as many people as possible get to chose who next works in the Oval Office.
So far this election year it seems that more Americans are making the effort to actually get out and cast ballots. This is a most welcome trend.
A lack of interest in the major elections of recent years has been a problem.
It certainly is not the healthiest habit in a democracy whose leaders like to remind anyone who listens of the virtues of the American system.
So from that perspective, we welcome the participation of our fellow citizens living on every continent.
Though Super Tuesday has decided contests in over twenty states, there is still a lot of voting yet to be done.
The primaries last into early June and it remains crucial that people in all the upcoming primary states let the candidates know how they feel about the issues in play.
There is much to be decided yet.

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