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Winter break

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Alarmingly, this year’s winter break sees a lot more parents with the full week on their hands, a silver lining of sorts in a very cloudy economic picture. This enforced break, however, coincides with the hoped for rabbit out of the hat that is being dubbed the stimulus package.
The package has been reduced somewhat, as a result of Capitol Hill haggling, to well under a trillion dollars. Now that’s for the entire U.S. economy as opposed to just the banks, which seem to be on the verge of getting a full trillion, or maybe even two.
Excuse us a moment, but are we alone in feeling a little confused here? Might it not be netter if these totals were switched. Maybe we should ask the kids. They have a little time on their hands and, so far as we know, the math lessons they are taking a break from for the few days might be giving them a leg-up on those in Washington who seem to be holding tight to an economic plan that, while not quite of the voodoo variety, for sure looks like a wing and prayer one.
Ah well, there always the coming spring.

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