2013 40 Under 40 – L-S

Thomas LeeThomas-Lee

Current company /position: 451 Marketing/Senior Partner.

Age: 38.

Place of Birth: Belle Harbor, New York.

Where you live: North Andover, Massachusetts.

First Job: Reporter at The Carroll County Independent in Center Ossipee, New Hampshire.

What it taught me: To appreciate the critical role that the media plays in our society at even the most local level. That persistence usually does pay off. Don’t ever approach a bull moose in rut with a camera. They’re much faster than they look!

Status: Married.

Family: My wife Krista and my three daughters, Faith, Madeline and Ava.


1. I played on the first-ever USA Rugby U19 side in 1992.

2. I’m a licensed lobster diver and regularly dive for my dinner in Gloucester, MA.

3. My grandfather, Joseph A. Lee, built the famous fireboat house in 1922 on Water Street in Brooklyn in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s still standing.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: The job market is extremely competitive. Do what it takes to land that first job – intern for free, work the front desk, work as an hourly employee. Don’t be afraid to “pay your dues” in your given profession. I promise it will pay dividends. Also, don’t ever address a job application cover letter “To whom it may concern”! Find out who you want to work for in the company and send them a personalized, persuasive note that will make them what to meet you even if they aren’t hiring.

Tom is senior partner at 451 Marketing, a national communications agency headquartered in Boston and representing LA, NYC, San Diego, and Las Vegas. The agency specializes in PR, social media marketing, and search marketing. Over the course of his 18-year career, Tom has represented national consumer brands, professional sports teams, professional service companies, and public agencies. Tom began his career as a newspaper reporter, writing for newspapers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Born and raised in Belle Harbor, NY, he is a graduate of Xavier High School in Manhattan and received a BA in English from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.

Brian LoweBrian-Lowe

Current company /position: BML Public Relations – President & CEO

Age: 35.

Place of Birth: Livingston, NJ.

Where you live: Springfield, NJ.

First Job: PR Account Coordinator.

What it taught me: It taught me to work hard – be resourceful – and never take no for an answer.

Status: Married.

Family: Caitlin Lowe (wife) Brennan Lowe (son, 10 months).


1. I watch Downton Abbey

2. I drink 10 Diet Cokes a day – and that’s being reserved

3. I get a lot of parking tickets.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Participate in an internship program first. Many people believe that they would be great at PR because they write well. In my opinion, writing is only 15 percent of the game. Results-driven PR means that you are the liaison between the client and the media. You have to be able to pick up the phone and conduct media relations, which can mean pitching for hours at a time, one call after the other. So you want to make sure you love it before you commit to it.

Brian M. Lowe is a veteran public relations professional with experience in the creation and execution of PR tactics for some of America’s most recognized food, technology, fashion & beauty, insurance and travel brands. In 2006, he started BMLPR – New Jersey’s fastest growing consumer PR agency specializing in publicity services, product launches and placement, branding events, celebrity and athlete appearances and social media. His clients include Feld Entertainment and its Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam and Nuclear Cowboyz shows, Escalade Sports, the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, Domino’s Pizza, Smashburger, ShopRite Supermarkets, Pole Position Raceway and more. He holds a master’s degree in corporate and public communications from Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ and a bachelor’s degree in communications from Southern Vermont College, Bennington, VT.

Andrew MargieAndrew-Margie

Current company /position: Co-Founder, Pegu Labs.

Age: 39.

Place of Birth: Summit, NJ.

Where you live: Brooklyn, NY.

First Job: Window Washer.

What it taught me: How to start and run my own business and that people will pay just about anything not to clean their own windows.

Status: Married

Family: Wife Mariya and children Redmond and Delia.


1. My fantasy job is history professor.

2. I’m a zealous tomato-grower.

3. There’s only one finger that I haven’t broken.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Don’t be afraid of jumping into deep water; being over your head is often the best way to test and develop yourself. And always surround yourself with good people.

Andrew Margie grew up in Summit, New Jersey. He received a BA in History from Connecticut College and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Andrew was a member of the founding team at Patch Media, AOL’s local news platform that serves nearly 1,000 communities across the country; OMMA Magazine called Patch the “fifth most important online publisher.” Margie helped scale Patch from three to hundreds of communities and was dedicated to empowering more than one million local businesses coast to coast. Margie recently took his passion for small businesses a step further and launched a new web start-up, Peguapp.com, to connect individual professionals with consumers looking for 1:1 advice on projects and purchase decisions. Andrew’s proud Irish roots lie in County Galway and County Cavan, and with the Daly, Dillon and Joyce clans.

Robert MauroRobert-Mauro

Current company /position: Irish Institute, Boston College/Director.

Age: 36.

Place of Birth: Norwood, MA.

Where you live: Weston, MA.

First Job: Kitchen aide.

What it taught me: As a kitchen aide in a summer Boy Scout camp I learned that there are no particularly good or bad jobs. Instead there are jobs that need to be done and can either be done well or not. The kitchen aide was not a respected job at the camp. Working conditions were unpleasant – it was hot, sweaty work that put the aides in constant contact with the remains of meals. In addition, the other employees at the camp did not respect the kitchen aides. Yet the job needed to be done. Without an efficiently functioning and clean kitchen the camp could not operate. There was an opportunity to do the kitchen aide’s job well and support the operation of the camp. I only spent one year in the kitchen and in subsequent years was hired to work on the waterfront – a highly prized job at the camp. I think it was because I did the job well.

Status: Married.

Family: Ms. Barbara Pyke (wife).


1. That I spent nearly two years researching in the Linen Hall Library’s political archives.

2. That a man with a middle name of Marcello is a proud Irish American.

3. That I hold both U.S. and Irish passports.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: It is difficult to start a career. An individual’s strengths and weaknesses are not immediately clear, one lacks a support network, and, worst of all, those with college degrees believe that they will walk into well-paid positions. So, my advice is to find a job, do it well, and build from there.

Dr. Robert Mauro, from Norwood, MA, is Director of the Irish Institute at Boston College. Before coming to Boston College he undertook a post-doctoral research fellowship in the Institute for British-Irish Studies at University College Dublin. While there he worked on a project titled Breaking the Patterns of Conflict: The Irish State, the British Dimension, and the Northern Ireland Conflict. In addition to his research on ideology and conflict (The Practice of Ideology, 2009) and work at the Irish Institute, Dr. Mauro is Chair of the Irish Network Boston and on the Board of The Fredrick Douglass/Daniel O’Connell Project.

Edward McElhoneEward-McElhone

Current company /position: Clayton Funeral Home, Inc./Funeral Director

Age: 37.

Place of Birth: Smithtown, New York.

Where you live: Kings Park, New York

First Job: Yacht Club Launch Operator.

What it taught me: It taught me responsibility, time management, and in many ways it has built my confidence while building lasting relationships.

Status: Single.


1. Throughout my school years, I struggled with a learning disability and worked very hard to overcome it, graduating at the top of my class.

2. I enjoy a wide variety of outdoor sports, including fishing, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, target and skeet shooting.

3. I am a good cook and enjoy making intricate desserts.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Be honest and open in all you do. Work hard, never give up and be true to yourself.

Being very proud of his Irish heritage, Ed takes every opportunity while traveling, to go back home to Ireland to see his family. On Ed’s last trip he brought back his American cousins to reunite them with his Irish-born cousins. What a wonderful time they had reconnecting. Ed is very active in his community. He recently got an award as the “go to Guy.” He is a Funeral Director in the family business, “Clayton Funeral Home.” Ed is also very involved in the lives of his parents, sisters, nieces, and nephews. He also enjoys spending his time with extended family.

Ryan MearaRyan-Meara

Current company /position: New York Red Bulls/Goalkeeper.

Age: 22.

Place of Birth: Yonkers, NY.

Where you live: Yonkers, NY.

First Job: Worked in the snack bar at Leewood Golf Club.

What it taught me: It taught me to be responsible, to have a good work ethic, and how important it is to respect other people

Status: Single.


1. Recipient of the Lombardi Award at Fordham University in 2012 for the male athlete of the year.

2. Ryan’s paternal grandfather, Jack Meara, is a co-founder of the New York Fire Fighters Burn Center Foundation.

3. Ryan participates in the fundraiser “Plunge for Cystic Fibrosis” as part of Annie’s McMahon’s Team each year in the chilly waters of Rockaway, NY.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Work hard, follow your dreams and good things will come your way. You will have to work for many years so make it something that you really enjoy doing. Respect others and they will respect you

Ryan Meara is 22 years old, one of three sons of Geri and Jack Meara. Ryan attended Fordham Prep and Fordham University on a full athletic scholarship. Ryan grew up in the Crestwood section of Yonkers. Ryan was selected as a goalkeeper in the 2012 Major League Soccer Super Draft by the New York Red Bulls. Ryan’s grandfather, Colm Prendergast from Clairemorris, Co Mayo is his number one fan and attends every home game. Ryan was greatly influenced by Tony Cullinan, his travel soccer coach in Yonkers, his Fordham Prep coach Pete McNamara, and Fordham University coach, Jim McElderry.

Doug MehanDoug-Mehan

Current company /position: Director, Grassroots Community Development, NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee.

Age: 36

Place of Birth: Neptune, New Jersey.

Where you live:  Montclair, New Jersey.

First Job: At a basketball camp.

What it taught me: Getting paid to play sports is a very good thing.

Status: Single


1.  I once worked as a butler.

2.  I’ve been to all 50 states.

3.  I watched the Weather Channel more than anything else growing up.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Work hard no matter what your job, meet as many people as possible, burn no bridges, and it’s ok to take calculated risks.

Born in New Jersey, Doug Mehan received his undergraduate degree from Boston College and law degree from Seton Hall. He worked for nine years for U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg in Washington D.C., including as Legislative Director and Chief Counsel. With Super Bowl XLVIII coming to MetLife Stadium (home of the Giants and Jets) in 2014, Doug recently joined the staff of the NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee. There, he is helping prepare our region for the game and using the platform of the Super Bowl to raise money for charity. Doug is honored to receive this award and hopes it brings him even closer to his Irish heritage.

Megan MolloyMegan-Molloy

Current company /position: Director, Marketing & Communications.

Age: 34.

Place of Birth: Alexandria, VA.

Where you live: Arlington, VA.

First Job: I had multiple jobs during the summers of high school and college, but my first REAL job was working at a PR firm in NYC.

What it taught me: That first job was a great lesson that every job includes work that you might not necessarily enjoy doing, but must do anyway. While it’s ideal to love your job, even my most favorite jobs included work I didn’t always like doing. If you think you’ll find a job where you like every aspect of it, you’ll surely be disappointed.

Status: Single.

Family: One older sister (also my best friend) Maura; two amazingly supportive younger brothers, Dennis and Patrick. A wonderful brother-in-law, Chris. Last but not least, my nephew Liam and niece Maeve, both of whom provide more joy and laughs than I ever imagined possible.


1. I played two Division One sports in college – soccer and lacrosse.

2. My great uncle (on my Mom’s side) was Thoroughbred Horse Racing Hall of Fame trainer Louis Feustel. He was best known for being the trainer of Man o’ War.

3. I seriously considered pursuing a career in sports broadcasting.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Take pride in what you do every day. This is particularly important early on in your career, when you may have the most mundane job or are asked to perform the most menial tasks. Do it well and to the best of your ability each and every day.

Megan Molloy is the second eldest of four children born to James Dennis Molloy and Donna Feustel Molloy, both originally from Long Island, NY. Megan is employed at Maryland  -based EagleStone Wealth Advisors, a wealth and investment management firm. Megan credits the organization for providing her a wonderful career opportunity following her move back to the Washington, D.C. area after living in Dublin, where she received her MBA at University College Dublin’s Smurfit Graduate Business School. Megan is heavily involved with the American Ireland Fund, and co-chairs their D.C. chapter’s Young Leader Society. She feels passionate about the Fund’s proven track record in providing much-needed support to charities based in Ireland. Megan is excited to participate as a judge in the 2013 Washington D.C. Rose of Tralee competition. In her spare time, Megan enjoys traveling, learning how to cook, and participating in a variety of outdoor activities, from skiing and camping to hiking and paddle-boarding.

Sandra MurphySandra-Murphy

Current company /position: Owner & Creative Director of RECOLLECTION by Sandra Murphy.

Age: 35.

Place of Birth: County Clare.

Where you live: Manhattan.

First Job: Growing up I always worked in the family business but my first “real” job was as a designer at Victoria’s Secret.

What it taught me: At home in our family store I learned how the fashion business works in small retail. At Victoria’s Secret I learned how fashion works at a big corporate level. It was quiet a jump but they both had a lot of hard work in common.

Status: Single.


1. I’m from a coastal county but I can’t swim.

2. In primary school I won all-Ireland medals in Drama, Traditional Music and Choir.

3. After being granted O visa status, I received my green card based on my professional merit without second party sponsorship.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: I think to have a successful career it’s really important you do something you’re passionate about. If you’re starting a business, write a business plan. As a creative person I tried to avoid it at first but I came to learn that success would be impossible without it.

Coming from three generations of home sewers, Irish-born designer Sandra Murphy is a longtime lover of vintage fashion. Watching her mother and grandmother work patiently at their sewing machines, Sandra always worshipped in the idea of wearing something she created herself. Sandra brought the skills she learned at home with her when she entered design school in Ireland. Upon completing her degree she moved to New York to pursue a career in the U.S. fashion capital. After spending a decade designing for prominent brands, Sandra took her most important step in 2009, when she began working on her own label, RECOLLECTION.

Daniel NeelyDaniel-Neely

Current company /position: Musician/Irish Echo (writer)/Augusta Heritage Center (Irish Week coordinator).

Age: 39.

Place of Birth: Boston, Mass.

Where you live: Sunnyside, NY.

First Job: Newsboy.

What it taught me: When I was young I sold newspapers in front of a Dunkin’ Donuts on Sunday mornings from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. for a couple of years. It taught me how to be on time and how to talk to people.

Status: Married.

Family: Gail (wife), Henry (son).


1. Loves the Red Sox.

2. Knows more about the history of ice cream truck music than the average bear.

3. Is comfortable driving backcountry Jamaica (the country) without a map.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Learn how to finish projects.

Daniel Neely plays tenor banjo and mandolin, and is the leader of the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra. He learned to play Irish music from Mick Moloney, runs a popular session at Lillie’s Bar & Restaurant and has worked on several of the Irish Arts Center’s music projects. He also writes the traditional music column in the Irish Echo, is the Public Relations Officer for Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann’s Mid-Atlantic Region, and is the artistic coordinator of the Augusta Irish Week in Elkins, WV. Daniel has a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology and his doctoral work focused on traditional Jamaican music.

Bridget O’DeaBridget-O'Dea

Current company /position: Department of Education/Teacher.

Age: 35

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York.

Where you live: Brooklyn.

First Job: Teaching.

What it taught me : I am still learning. Working with children is the best ongoing learning experience.

Status: Single

Family: Parents, James and Eileen O’Dea, sister Jennifer Doherty and husband Brian Doherty, sister Deirdre Corcoran and husband Stephen Corcoran, Nephew James Doherty and nieces Delia Doherty, Alannah Corcoran and Fiona Corcoran.


1. I went hang-gliding in Switzerland.

2. I played soccer in college.

3. I have had a song, “Bridgie Delaney” written for me and it was played on the radio station WFUV.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Although the demand of education can be overwhelming keep striving to be the best you can be. Children will never cease to amaze you and their resilience is inspiring. For their benefit, do not give up!

Bridget O’Dea was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has lived in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood for most of her life. It is here that her mother and father, Eileen and Jim O’Dea instilled the Irish culture into her everyday life. Listening to her father play Irish folk songs on his guitar was something Bridget took for granted in her early years. Her first trip to the Emerald Isle was with her parents and sisters, Jenny and Deirdre. This visit helped mold her into the avid traveler she is today.  She attended St. Saviour H.S., the College of Mount Saint Vincent, and received her Master’s Degree from Cambridge College. The value that she places on education is reflected by her experience and commitment as a teacher and reading specialist at PS 97, the Forest Park School. She is currently finishing her Administration License at The College of Saint Rose. Bridget is very humbled by this honor. Her goal is to continue working with children and to ensure that they are receiving the best education possible and that they become lifelong learners.

Neil SandsNeil-Sands

Current company /position: Strategic Innovation Executive, at Salesforce.com.

Age: 30.

Place of Birth: Drogheda, County Louth.

Where you live: San Francisco, California.

First Job: Canadian Banking.

What it taught me: Working in technology and operations for a global organization was a great place for me to start my career. It allowed me to collaborate with talented, experienced professionals and taught me many great lessons in management and strategy that I use today.

Status: Single.

Family: Fiancée Sarah Smith


1. I play 5 instruments (all badly).

2. Studied music and sociology before changing to Math at NUIM.

3. Proud Irish speaker.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Through various channels have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a great number of new and talented members of the Irish Diaspora in the U.S. who have made their successes through sheer determination and high integrity. If there is a “killer-app” for succeeding, that it is it.

Drogheda native Neil Sands, a Strategic Innovation Executive at Salesforce.com, is based in Silicon Valley. Having graduated with double honors from NUIM, Maynooth Neil conducted Masters studies in the U.S. and received an MBA from the Smurfit School, at UCD in 2010. Neil worked for several years in Canadian banking, holding positions in global operations, and digital marketing. With Accenture, Neil moved to California and worked later with Facebook development firm, Syncapse and Framehawk.com. Neil has co-authored reports on Next Generation Diaspora for the Ireland Funds, and currently chairs several non-for-profit groups such as Irish Network Bay Area, the American Ireland Fund YLSF, and NGenIreland.com.

Kate StapletonKate-Stapleton

Current company /position: Country Bank/Loan Servicing Manager, Assistant Vice President.

Age: 29.

Place of Birth: Templemore, Co. Tipperary

Where you live: Astoria, New York.

First Job: Two Trees Management, Dumbo, Assistant to Property Manager.

What it taught me: It was my first business environment, working with a diversified group of people who helped me to attain a better understanding of what it entails to achieve professional success.

Status: Single.

Family: Brothers Tom, PJ, Michael, Sean, Noel. Parents Pat and Eileen. Boyfriend Damien.


1. I have a deep appreciation for poetry and Irish Art.

2. I enjoy traveling but no matter where I go Ireland has my heart.

3. I have five amazing brothers and wonderful parents who made me who I am today.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Take pride in any position you have because you never know what opportunity may present itself.

Kate Stapleton was born in Co. Tipperary and is one of six. While on summer vacation she made a life changing decision to stay in New York and pursue a career in business. Sometime later she was fortunate enough to be hired at Country Bank by a distinguished gentlemen named Joseph Murphy, whom she considers to be her mentor. While beginning at an entry level position her hard work and determination did not go unnoticed, and, as a result, she was promoted to Assistant Vice President at the age of 25 with the sky as her limit.

Tim SullivanTim-Sullivan

Current company /position: Chief of Staff to the NYC Deputy Mayor for Economic Development.

Age: 31.

Place of Birth: New Jersey.

Where you live: New York City.

First Job: Cashier, ShopRite Supermarket.

What it taught me: The customer is always right, except when they try to pay with Canadian dollars.

Status: Single.

Family: Ruthie Braunstein, Colleen & Vin Sullivan (parents), Kevin Sullivan (younger, not little, brother)


1. I am left-handed.

2. I wrote a sports column for my college newspaper.

3. I enjoy karaoke more than I should.

Best advice you could give someone starting out Your first job(s) should be ones in which you can learn the most, not necessarily earn the most.

Tim Sullivan is Chief of Staff to the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development in the Mayor’s Office in New York City. His areas of policy focus include pension reform, transportation and infrastructure finance, public and affordable housing, public-private partnerships, small business support, tax policy and waterfront redevelopment and management policy. Tim joined the Mayor’s Office in 2010 from Barclays Capital (and previously Lehman Brothers), where he served as Chief of Staff to the Global Head of Investment Banking at both firms, and prior to that as a Healthcare investment banker.



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