Danny McDonald

Age: 47

Place of birth: Born in U.S., raised in County Laois.

Where you live: New York City.

Name of Company you work for: Swift Hibernian Lounge, Puck Fair, Ulysses’, Harry’s Cafe and Steak.

City you work in: New York City.

Profession: Restaurant/Bar owner.

Why I chose this career: As a bartender in New York City, I fell in love with the hospitality business.

Status: Married.

Family: Lauren, daughter Molly.

The proudest moment of my career: Although throughout my career I have had many proud moments, if I had to choose, I imagine the time Swift was honored by the New York Fire Department for its conduct, hospitality and charity after 9/11.

Biography: Raised in Ireland, I first moved to NYC at the age of 17. With a bit of luck, I started bartending early. I was taken in by the industry and my first venture was a couple of ice cream stores. In 1995 I opened Swift Hibernian Lounge. Then in 2000, Puck Fair was born. Ulysses’ of Stone Street came about three years later. This offered me a chance to be involved in the reopening of Harry’s Cafe and Steak. Along the way, there have been many fun offspring like the New York City Oyster Festival, cultural celebrations, concerts promoted, events produced, and all the endeavors this great city allows.

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