Irish Small Business 50 Bios 2013

AJ GerritsonAJ-Gerritson-jpg

Age: 36

Place of birth: Weymouth, MA

Business: 451 Marketing

First established: 2004

Employees: 49


Where you live: Hull, MA

First job: Shoveling snow

What it taught me: Don’t undersell your services!

Family: Wife Meaghan and son Jack.

Best advice anyone ever gave you: Treat everyone with respect until they give you reason to do otherwise.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Don’t be afraid to take chances.

Finding and hiring the best talent.


biography – 451 Marketing is an award-winning communications agency that specializes in public relations, social media marketing and search marketing. Headquartered in Boston and representing Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, and Las Vegas, 451 Marketing works with brands to build awareness, engage customers, create fan loyalty, and drive business through a cutting-edge integrated communications approach.

Bob CooperBob-Cooper-jpg


Age: 50

Place of birth: New Jersey

Business: Chefs International

First established: 1957

Employees: Ranges from 400-800 Seasonally


Where you live: Wall Township New Jersey

First job: James Dunne Landscaping (Irish immigrant who proudly served in he Marine Corps during World War II and fought at Guadacanal).

What it taught me: Mr. Dunne was a very tough hardworking man. He was fiercely proud of not only his Irish heritage but also the love he had of America and the vast opportunities most Americans neither appreciate or take advantage of. I was his only employee and worked for him for two summers I was 14 and 15 years old. We spent much of the day driving from job to job. This gave us a lot of time to talk. I was fascinated by his stories about just how poor they were in Ireland, he literally had no shoes. It made me appreciate what I had and not think as much about what I didn’t have. He always dressed neatly for work and when I would see him after work he was always dressed extremely well. He was a proud man. I was proud to work for him.

Family: Wife of 25 years Dianne, 2 Daughters Nicole 20 and Kaitlyn 18, Father Bob Sr., Mother Patricia.

Best advice anyone ever gave you: Business is made up of people. People produce profits. Happy people produce more profit. Before they are your employee they are a husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter. They are loved and adored by someone. They are not an employee. Respect them and they will respect you and your business.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Leadership is a skill, though some are born with it others can learn it. When you have the opportunity to lead be firm, be fair and be consistent in all aspects of your business.

The most important thing for a business success is: Never ever forget that the customer pays the bills. We are dependent on them, they are not dependent on us. It is our responsibility to find out what they want and provide it to them. If you don’t your competitor will be happy to take care of them. Besides customers management and staff are the brick and mortar of the business. I am not perfect and neither are the people on my team. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Focus on what each person does well, not what they don’t do well. Put them in a position to win. Everyone likes to win and winning is contagious, as is losing. No one would recommend ignoring weaknesses but it is easier to work on them when the team member has experienced some wins and therefore has confidence in themselves and their ability. There is no reward for finding fault. The reward for fixing the problem is priceless.


biography – Chefs International is a 10 restaurant chain started in 1957 by Jack Baker in Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey. Our corporate headquarters are still located in Point Pleasant Beach. We operate in New Jersey and Florida. Our restaurants include: Jack Bakers Lobster Shanty and Wharfside in Point Pleasant Beach, Moores Tavern and Sports Bar in Freehold, Escondido Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar also in Freehold, Bakers American Bar and Grill in Monroe Township, Water Street in Toms River and The 9th Avenue Pier in Belmar. In Florida we have a Lobster Shanty in Cocoa Beach and Vero Beach as well as Mr. Manatees Casual Grille in Vero Beach.

The company was publicly held from 1977-1999. In 1999 the Lombardi family from Edison New Jersey purchased the majority of common stock and proceeded to take the company private. Their commitment to reinvesting in the business has been extremely important in the transformation from a company that was a predominantly seafood restaurant company with great waterfront locations into the group of unique restaurants that we operate today. Our most recent project is the very popular 9th Avenue Pier in Belmar New Jersey. This is a public/private partnership with the Borough of Belmar where with the vision of Mayor Matthew Doherty and guidance of then Borough Administrator Bill Young Chefs was able to enter into a long term lease to operate a restaurant and bar at The Belmar Marina. This property is one of the more picturesque places in all of Monmouth County. Prior to the restaurant being at the site it was a landing area for clam shells dropped by seagulls and underutilized by residents and tourists. Now it is a hub of activity and provides as many as 60 jobs for local residents.

I started working for Chefs International as a Bartender in 1982 while attending Glassboro State College. Upon graduation in 1986 I accepted my first management position with the company. In 1987 I moved to Florida to work for the company as a manager and eventually was the supervisor overseeing our Florida operations before moving my family back to New Jersey to become President/CEO in 2005. Besides being a very successful company financially, we are proud of our commitment to our amazingly loyal management and staff. All of our upper management people have been with the company for many years including our CFO Marty Fletcher who has worked for Chefs continually for over 40 years. When I interview managers I am proud to tell them that it is my sincere hope that Chefs is the last company for which they ever work. This attitude is not typical in our industry, and we believe it is a crucial component to our success.


Brad NavinBrad-Navin-jpg


Age: 42

Place of birth: Mineola, NY

Business: The Orchard

First established: 1997

Employees: 160


Where you live: New York, NY

First job: Busboy

What it taught me: No matter what you think of it, all jobs can be done right, or wrong. There’s pride in doing it right.

Family: Wife Rhiannon, and Samuel (6), Garrett (3), Frances (3)

Best advice anyone ever gave you: Live for today, because it goes by fast.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Don’t compromise – you have to love what you do every day.

The most important thing for a business success is: A clear business objective and honesty.

biography – CEO of The Orchard since February 2010, Brad Navin brings more than 17 years of experience in the ever-evolving landscape of digital music and media. Prior to being named CEO, Brad served as Vice President and General Manager of the company, which he joined in 2003. Brad’s immersion in digital media and intellectual property management came when he joined Digital Club Network, a pioneer in digital music, as the Vice President of Music and Programming. Prior to that, Brad worked across all sectors of the music industry at companies such as William Morris Agency and Invasion Group. He is a sucker for a song with a good hook and is very proud of the fact that his son’s first earworm was “Yellow Submarine.”





Carolyne and Jeffrey R. Curley

Age: 48 & 43

Place of birth: Trenton, NJ & Ridgewood, NJ

Business: The Alternative Press

First established: 2008

Employees: 20

www.thealternative press.com

Where you live: Caldwell, NJ

First job: Book Store Manager, insurance sales rep.

What it taught me: Customer service is the key to running a successful business. You need to listen to people and their stories. Everyone loves to explain who they are and what they need.

Family: Our daughter Fiona.

Best advice anyone ever gave you: Hard work will always pay off

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Never Give up. Follow your dreams even if people say no. You need to listen to people and their stories. Everyone loves to explain who they are and what they need.

The most important thing for a business success is: Plan the work and work the plan Working together as a team. Keep going and if things fail get up, start over and never ever quit. You need to stay with your niche and fine tune what you do best. Keep focus on the big picture and be flexible when needed. Know your market and grow your business in a steadfast manner.


biography – The Alternative Press is an award winning Hyper-Local daily news site serving multiple counties in the state of New Jersey. It is rapidly expanding throughout New Jersey with a proven licensing model.


Colette ChapmanCollette-Chapman-jpg


Age: 39

Place of birth: Essex County, NJ

Business: Chapman Concierge

First established: 2004

Employees: 43


Where you live: Morristown, NJ

First job: Coat Check Girl at a family restaurant.

What it taught me: It helped to reinforce a strong work ethic that my parents instilled upon me. My parents owned Irish Pubs so we always had to work from peeling potatoes to polishing brass.

Family: I am married to Timothy Chapman and have 4 children, Connor, Aidan , Bridget and Ainsley. My parents both emigrated from Roscommon Ireland and I have 3 brothers. My father was able to come to America because he won a coin toss and he worked hard to build a business and support his family. My parents held their Irish roots close and raised my brothers and I to be proud of our heritage.

Best advice anyone ever gave you: Be authentic and never worry what anyone else is doing. Relationships are what will bring personal and professional success and if you are true to yourself and focus on building honest relationships you will find happiness and success in life. Stay true to you and never care about what others think.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Take risks, expect disappointment and failure but do not let it define you. Learn from everything and always remain positive.

The most important thing for a business success is: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Flexibility. If you are honest about what you can do, hold true to your values and can be a flexible thinker when things don’t go as planned you will be able to be overcome any obstacle and celebrate all successes. If you are transparent your clients will trust you and your team will see your commitment to their development and hold true to the company values that are in place.


biography – Chapman Concierge is a business support and lifestyle management company offering a broad range of services to corporations, residential communities, health care institutions, and individuals. We partner with the best in class local vendors to provide an array of services to our clients, in an effort to build stronger ties within each community. With personal attention and outstanding customer service, our commitment to excellence is apparent and our ability to work onsite or virtually has provided support to thousands. From a simple errand to help a friend, to permanent on site business support our team of hospitality professionals make your life easier and more productive.” The concept of Chapman Concierge came to light when I was trying to find resources to support my father and take care of two very young children. We are a helping hand to people that need one and provide extra hours in the day for others. Our concierge and doorman services have allowed our Corporate, Real Estate and HealthCare clients to support their employees, tenants, and visitors so that they can achieve better work life balance.


David BredinDavid-Bredin-jpg


Age: 39

Place of birth: Dublin

Business: Law Firm

First established: 2001/2002

Employees Colleen Kerwick, Esq. Sean O’Driscoll, Esq. Sophie Zhi Zhen, Xian Weng, Wang Qi Kun, Tina Zhu, Patrick Zhi.

www.bredinlaw.com (under construction).

Where you live: New York

First job: McDonalds and Amnesty International.

What it taught me: To work hard and money does not come easy. Also to respect others.

Family: Family in Ireland.

Best advice anyone ever gave you: Don’t give up and do not listen to others who say that you cannot do something – this from my parents.

Best advice you could give someone starting out: Be prepared to put in the hard time and never forgot where you came from. Humility.

The most important thing for a business success is: Knowing your client base. Patience and aspirin.


biography – My office is boutique in size, and I want it to stay this way, as I can show and pay special attention to each of our clients. I say my office, but everyone that I have the pleasure of working with is truly part of a team and together we look after your case and we aim to provide exceptional service. We will treat you like family and together we will strive for a winning result in your case. I am from Dublin, Ireland. I started my life as an electronic engineer and then began my life in the legal field with Amnesty International. I obtained a degree in Business and Law, and was then awarded a Masters in International Human Rights Law, from Queens University Belfast. I thereafter came to the United States and qualified as an attorney in New York, and am admitted to many of the federal circuits. I am also a qualified solicitor (lawyer) In Ireland, England and Wales. I have worked pro bono on many cases and have been affiliated with many nongovernmental organizations both in the U.S. and in Ireland. I am also working with New York Law School asssiting unaccompanied minors through the family and immigration courts system. I have also worked in New York City court as an arbitrator. We are a private practice in nature, but if a deserving case is presented to us we shall consider such for free or low cost legal services. For my services in law and to various communities including the Irish, I was awarded a Top 40 under 40 accolade in New York in 2011. In attendance were my close friends and colleagues, and His Honor Mayor Bloomberg.


David PatrickDavid-Patrick-jpg

Place of birth: Ironwood, MI
Business: Transition Management Solutions, LLC
First established: 2006
Employees: 2
Where you live: San Antonio, TX
First job: Newspaper carrier
What it taught me: Discipline, customer service and money management.
Family: Wife Barbara; Son Mark and wife Terri; Granddaughters Hannah (14) and Rachel (12).
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Live your dream and be happy with whatever you do.
The most important thing for a business success is: Hire smart people, give them the training and tools to do their job and then get out of the way.

biography – Transition Management Solutions (TMS) provides interim leadership and transition management consulting services to Texas nonprofit organizations. David Patrick, MS, is a Partner in Transition Management Solutions with over 40 years experience in leadership positions. He was the President and Chief Operating Officer for a national association that provided membership programs and services to some of the largest not-for-profit participatory sports organizations in the world. In this executive capacity he led a dramatic change in the organization’s culture by emphasizing the core business values, instituting accountable financial practices, focusing on the people, building relationships and partnerships, stressing continuous improvement and the need for exceeding expectations. David was equally successful as an Air Force officer in several responsible and challenging leadership and Human Resources positions, completing his career as a Colonel. He holds a master’s degree in Personnel Management and bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

David PattersonDavid-Patterson-jpg

Age: 46
Place of birth: Belfast
Business: Sophia Corp
First established: 2007
Employees 10+ www.sophiasearch.com
Where you live: Belfast
First job: An AI Researcher
What it taught me: It taught me the value of applying artificial intelligence to real-world business problems.
Family: A wife and 2 kids.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Be passionate about what you believe in and follow your dreams. Never give up when the going gets tough, because it will get tough.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Find something you are passionate about, and do that. Life’s too short.
The most important thing for a business success is: Hire people who are passionate about what they are doing and point them in the right direction. Build the team around this passion.

biography – Sophia is a company that specializes in understanding text and extracting value from it. It has a focus on driving efficiency and creating new revenue streams while promoting innovation and creativity throughout organizations What We Do Our products derive meaning from text in context, without relying on human intervention. Our products can automatically read, analyze, understand and extract precise meaning from any document, book or web page. This high quality information can be leveraged in many ways, to increase awareness and understanding, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

David SmithDavid-Smith-jpg

Age: 47
Business: Tirna Partners
First established: 2012
Employees 5 partners, and 9 associates
Where you live: Silicon Valley, California.
First job: Delivering invoices for my dentist (when I was in school).
What it taught me: Organization, planning, the value of money. It also kept me fit!
Family: Wife Elaine from Dublin and 2 kids, Joshua and Chloe
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Trust in yourself, easy when times are good, much harder when the chips are down
Best advice you could give someone starting out: see advise from as many people as you can – it is free and can lead to new business as well as valuable insights
The most important thing for a business success is: Paying customers. Must focus on who will pay for it, why, and how much. Find good partners – both on a professional and personal basis (this is where we come in).

biography – Tirna Partners offers an extensive range of consulting services focused on the high-tech, wireless, B2B and Consumer Products industry segments We accelerate your business through creative insight which unleashes opportunities We provide an innovative, flexible and personal approach. Each engagement is structured to meet our client’s unique business goals. We utilize our extensive networks to deliver results that count.

Desmond SmythDesmond-Smyth-jpg

Age: 55
Place of birth: Dublin, Ireland
Business: Securewatch 24
First established: March of 2000
Employees: 135
Where you live: Warwick, NY
First job: Xerox Corp. Technician/ Sales
What it taught me: I learned how a large corporation works from both the service and sales sides. Many of the protocols I later incorporated into my own business as we grew.
Family: I am married for 23 yrs. I have three beautiful daughters ages 19,18 and 11.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: A quote from my Dublin born mother (Kay Smyth) “Bring something to the party” – and she wasn’t talking about cake. She was talking about life and how you should be contributing always. Be it a joke or help or advice. Be an active part of improving the world around you.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Life is not a dress rehearsal. Challenge yourself every day. And most important – laugh.
The most important thing for a business success is: You should believe in your product and your people. This way you’re never selling, just informing and maybe even boasting. As you grow, capital will be imported so do your best to secure it. Business should be hard. If it was easy everyone would be in it. Stay innovative. It makes your competition crazy.

biography – Securewatch 24 ( SW24) began as a property assessment company that specialized in assisting owners in utilizing security technology and security protocols to reduce crime in their buildings. Today we manufacture our own technology and write our own software. That same software operates a 27,000 cameras in 2300 locations throughout the United States. We also integrate numerous other technologies to create even safer environments for our clients. We are proud of our “First Responder” programs and our CSI- Citywide Safety Initiative. These are programs that quickly allow first responders and law enforcement to access cameras in life safety emergencies. Many of our employees and executives are former first responders and these programs are a natural extension of who we are at SW24.

Doreen BladesDoreen-Blades-jpg

Place of birth: Massachusetts
Business: US Eco Products Corporation
First established: July 2009
Employees 2
Where you live: Groveland, Massachusetts
First job: Kitchen helper in a nursing home.
What it taught me: My first job taught me to have lots of patience and to keep reaching for more. I worked with a variety of people and the patients in the nursing home. The way to keep fresh is to continually learn and stretch outside of your comfort zone. I saw people stuck in their every day sameness not willing to look at the world differently. The patients happiest were those still engaged with the world. You also needed patience for working with the people there as not everyone could do things as fast and sometimes it just took longer to do things.
Family: Husband Peter Slettehaugh, two sons Justin Slettehaugh and Erik Slettehaugh, parents Robert and Claire Blades, sister and brother.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Never be afraid to ask a question. The worst question is the one unasked. Keep asking the same question to multiple people until you get two people to give you the same answer.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: The best advice I could give someone starting a business is to plan, do it and be prepared to change the plan at a moment’s notice. The biggest hurdle is taking the plunge and just starting the business. Having your own business is a lot of fun with many ups and downs, twists and turns. The business you think you are starting may not be the same business by the end of the first year or second year, be willing to be flexible and listen to your customers or potential customers. I would also recommend for people to ask for help all along the way. There are so many questions as you go through the growing stage that you do not even know to ask. Do not be afraid to ask for help or insight into how to do areas of your business differently or better. It is amazing how much there is to learn from just talking to people about your business and your passion. People are willing to help if you just ask.
The most important thing for a business success is: The most important thing for a business success is perseverance and persistence. A business will succeed if the owners are passionate about the business and willing to listen to their customers as to what the customers want. It is very important to be flexible and to constantly be reevaluating what is working and not working with the business. Success rarely happens overnight it is a long slow process and the person who is persistent will succeed.
Listen to their customers. Listen to your customers wants and needs. Do not be afraid to ask what you can do better to help them or where they are having the biggest problem. You might be surprised on the answer.

biography – Doreen Blades, President of US Eco Products, Corporation has been on the Board of Directors of the Boston Irish Business Association for many years. Doreen continues to recruit new members and welcome those new to the Boston area to the Boston Irish Business Association and Boston. US Eco Products Corporation was started in July of 2009 as a distributor of green products. The first product was the Safe Paw ice melt sold into government agencies and grocery stores. US Eco Products Corporation has expanded into pesticide free bed bug killer, bio-remedial hydrocarbon cleaners (cleaning up oil, gas and grease spills using microbes to eat the oil, gas and grease). US Eco Products Corporation continues to grow and expand with offering green solutions to companies and government agencies. US Eco Products Corporation customers include airports, housing authorities, universities, homeless shelters, towns, major retail chains, grocery stores and State and Federal government agencies.

Dr. Martin McGrathMartin-McGrath-jpg

Age: 50
Place of birth: Rockaway, Queens
Business: Podiatrist
First established: 1988
Employees: 6
Where you live:
New York
First job: McGraths Edgewood Falls, dishwasher.
What it taught me: When you are part of a team every job is important.
Family: Wife Bridget, six children Martin jr., Margo, Sean, Brigette, Mary and Thomas . Mother Kathleen from Roscommon ,Father Martin from Mayo.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: In work there is freedom – my mother.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Customer service is key. Treat every customer/patient how you would want to be treated.
The most important thing for a business success is: Provide a quality service.

biography – For 25 years I have been practicing Podiatric medicine. I originally began the practice with my wife (Dr. Bridget O’Mara) who is also a Podiatrist. After we had our 4th child (Mary) we decided that it would be better for Bridget to stay home and raise the children. I am a board certified foot surgeon who has two offices, one in New York City, 121 east 60th street apt 3d and one in Yonkers, 984 North Broadway. I am currently an attending in Surgery/Podiatry on staff at St. Johns Hospital in Yonkers. I treat every condition related to the foot from injuries, to routine care, to reconstructive surgery. It has also become more of a family business as I employ two of my sisters, Colleen and Katie. I believe my strong work ethic stems from my parents and being raised in a family-owned business.

Edward DohertyEdward-Doherty-jpg

Place of birth:
New York
Business: The Shannon Rose Irish Pub
First established: 2007
Employees: We have over 300 employees at our three Irish pubs.
Website: www.TheShannonRose.com
Where you live: New Jersey
First job: Mobile Oil Corporation
What it taught me: Working for Mobile Oil Corporation taught me that great service facilitates a trust with customers that encourages repeat business and increased volume.
Family: Wife – Joan Doherty, Son Timothy Doherty, Daughter, Shannon Portell, Daughter Kerry Doherty.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Don’t lie, don’t steal and treat everyone the way that you would like to be treated.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Work hard. Don’t be afraid of failure because without some failures, and the knowledge gained from them, you will not be successful. Always think through issues before acting.
The most important thing for a business success is: Wow every guest, Wow your people and Wow the community. An OK is not a Wow.
biography – Edward Doherty was born in New York City and is a graduate of Chaminade High School and St. John’s University, where he earned his BS in Marketing in 1968 and his MBA in 1972. Ed started Doherty Enterprises in 1985. Doherty Enterprises is now a franchisee of Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar, Chevys Fresh Mex, Panera Bread, Quaker Steak & Lube, and Noodles & Company. They also have two original concepts, The Shannon Rose Irish Pub and Spuntino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas. In March 2007, Doherty Enterprises opened its first original concept, The Shannon Rose Irish Pub, an authentic pub that was created to bring a little “Dublin” to New Jersey. Located in Clifton, NJ, the Pub occupies 8,000 sq. ft. with seating for approximately 300 people in its four bars and five pub-style dining rooms. The company expanded the Shannon Rose concept by opening its second Pub in Woodbridge, New Jersey in June of 2009, and a third one in Ramsey, NJ in January of 2012.

Erin K. Mirra MoloneyMirra-Moloney-jpg

Place of birth: Flemington, NJ
Business: Real-Time Technology Group
Where you live: Phillipsburg NJ
First job: Executive Secretary, World Wide Leather Imports & Exports, Martins Creek, PA
What it taught me: That I am accountable to everyone. My actions or inactions will affect everyone around me, and when I speak up, take charge, or sit back and let others do so, I need to do so, purposely striving to build up the members of my team and make us all work together more efficiently and effectively.
Family: I am a single mother with two sons, Jacob Conner and Jared Cuyler.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Anton Chekov: what I do in this lifetime, is not about me, it’s about those around me and the generations to follow.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Keep an open mind, learn everything and then learn it again from a new perspective.
The most important thing for a business success is: There is no room for arrogance in business. The people who make up a business need to remain humble, and they need to continue to learn and change with the market.

Gillian Hamilton-CoyleGillian-Hamilton-Coyle-jpg

Age: 35
Place of birth: Drumkeeran, Co. Leitrim
Business: Halo salon inc.
First established: June 2005
Employees: Thank you Stela, Andrea, Sam – with me for past 7-8 years. Welcome to Jennifer and Maria. With me past year.
Where you live: Woodside, Queens
First job: Summer job as a Shampoo girl in a salon in Dromahair.
What it taught me: That I love the beauty business. It’s such a social industry and ever evolving. I have had lot of different jobs in between working in salons and found them to be way too much like “work”. Being behind the chair never feels like work to me.
Family: Two younger sisters who just opened a spa on grand avenue, Maspeth called “simple Skincare”. My older brother Gareth works here in New York in a Restaurant called Maloney & Porcelli. Two of my favorite places. My husband Michael co-owns Gotham Drywall inc. Dad Leslie is home in Leitrim running his construction business and my mother Margaret just moved to New York to care for the best thing to every happen to me, my one-year-old son, Jayme.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: “If someone takes your hat, give them your coat as well.” I guess I must have seemed overly defensive to have been given this advice. It does work though.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Read a managerial book or something first. Maybe do a class in business taxes and corporate law. (Actually don’t, it will scare you off, and it’s so much fun, so rewarding, I love my business).
The most important thing for a business success is: Family and Friends and wine.

biography – Halo salon provides hair and skin care services. We’re eight years old in Yonkers, just off McLean Avenue. Member of the merchants association who strive to preserve and improve the unique neighborhood of McLean Avenue. At Halo We are dedicated to high end services with high end products. Our goal is keep educating ourselves and provide excellent results. We do have an eco-friendly focus and options to suit every budget. Our staff are fully qualified and experienced.

Ian McGivern SheaIan-McGivern-Shea-jpg

Age: 39
Place of birth: Port Chester, New York
Business: Maestro Market, Inc.
First established: 2008
Employees: 8 www.maestromarket.com
Where you live: San Francisco, CA
First job: Started a local snow shoveling business.
What it taught me: The excitement around starting something new on your own.
Family: James Shea – Dad Eileen Shea – Mom Declan Shea – Brother Jo-El Shea – Sister in law Keara Everdell – Sister Nick Everdell – Brother in law Aideen Shea – Sister Micaela Tucker – Sister Peter Tucker – Brother in law 5 nieces and nephews.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Anything you put your mind to you can have.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Stick with it and to not give up.
The most important thing for a business success is: Persistence and emotional intelligence A high caliber team working together.

biography – Ian McGivern Shea is an entrepreneur and the founder of Maestro Market, a unique and first-of-its-kind website, an Amazon for talent, that allows people to make direct connections with hand-picked experts, or even their heroes. Ian grew up in Rye, NY in an Irish American household. His family came here from Ireland around 1915. When living in Rye, he was an active member of Resurrection Parish, a Rotary Exchange student, and did his undergraduate degree at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Ian went on to do an MBA at both Columbia University & UC Berkeley’s HAAS School of Business, and currently teaches business classes in both programs as an assistant. He learned his extensive business skills as an investment banker starting at Prudential Securities and then moving on to Patricof & Co (acquired by Bank of New York), and then was general manager at Replay TV. In 2008 Ian successfully sold ReplayTV to DirecTV. He founded Maestro Market in 2009 to in response to what he sees as an untapped possibility in the way we access-and connect with-talent.
Maestro Market allows individuals to directly contact highly talented experts in a variety of fields and seek out their wisdom, experience and advice. It, therefore, promises to create an entirely new way of expanding what is often called the sharing economy-ways of marketing skill and knowledge, rather than materials. Moreover, it offers people something truly meaningful. As Ian himself puts it, “Direct access to experts who are profoundly accomplished in their field can be a powerful, educational and memorable experience. Maestro Market’s experts are people you want to engage with and then apply their knowledge and experience to your everyday life.” Maestro Market is the fruition of an idea that Ian has been developing for several years, but it reflects the spirit of his life as a whole. An inveterate entrepreneur, he founded his first business when he started a snow-shoveling company as a child. He has been creating businesses and business ideas ever since.
And the spirit of adventure in business extends to his recreation as well-he is an accomplished skier, snowboarder, surfer and general sportsman, and a practitioner of fair play in all areas. In fact, the original idea for Maestro Market came to him while seated, by chance, next to extreme skier Scot Schmidt at the American Ireland Fund New York Gala Dinner. What a unique coincidence that the idea for Maestro Market was conceived at an Irish American event! Thinking about how many people would love to get ski tips from such an expert, he began to envision a new kind of web platform.

James B. DoughertyJames-B-Dougherty-jpg

Age: 54
Place of birth: Port Chester, NY
Business: Attorney, Dougherty GreenwichLegal.com
First established: 1930
Employees: 4
Where you live: Greenwich, CT
First job: Maintenance work at a Catholic grammar school
What it taught me: It taught me that there is nothing wrong with working hard, getting dirty and doing a good honest days work. As for the pay, like they told me “you are earning credits in heaven.”
Family: Wife – Susan, a high school special ed teacher Son – James, an attorney with Withers Bergman Daughter – Caileigh – a pre-med student.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Remember where you and your people came from.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Find something that you enjoy doing and do the best job that you can in doing it.
The most important thing for a business success is: Treat people respectfully, fairly and honestly. Give back to your community in whatever way your talents allow. Work hard and be fair.

biography – I was born in Port Chester, NY and raised and lived all my life in Greenwich, Connecticut. I attended Sacred Heart Grammar School, Greenwich Catholic Middle School, St. Mary High School, Iona College, University of Connecticut School of Law. Law firm was founded by my grand-uncle in 1930. For a rime I worked in the firm with both my grand-uncle and my father. I have been active in the community, having been chairman of the board of the Greenwich Catholic School system; secretary of the board of Greenwich Adult Day Care and Transportation Association of Greenwich, President of The Wild Geese; currently a member of the Town of Greenwich Commission on Aging and founding director and board member of the Irish American Museum of Washington, DC. I am proud of my Irish roots and enjoy exploring Ireland and studying Irish history and culture. My firm concentrates in real estate, probate and trusts and estates. In October of this year the firm will reorganize as Dougherty Greenwich Legal, LLC upon the retirement of my current partner.







biography – We have been importing traditional Irish goods for over 30 years. We only sell to authorized retail outlets in the USA. We try to keep up with new market trends and source new products from Irish crafts people. Walsh Trading Company is a wholesale distributor of Irish products currently located in Hamilton, NJ. We have over 700 Celtic products listed by categories. With 30 categories to choose from, you are sure to find the product you are looking for. Whether it’s jewelry, candles, gifts, cookies, bread mixes, whistles or clothing, we have many available Celtic products.

Jim GalvinJim-Galvin-jpg

Age: 42
Place of birth: Cork, Ireland
Business: Renewable Energy
First established: 2011
Employees: 48
Where you live: Chicago
First job: Manager Agricultural Services Division, SWS Group, Cork, Ireland.
What it taught me: Your real education begins when you start work in the real world and although important 3rd level qualifications just get you in the door.
Family: Married to Antoinette with four kids Avabeth, Moya, Clara and Jerry.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: A time of change is a time of opportunity.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: If it was easy everyone would be doing it.
The most important thing for a business success is: Have a well thought out plan of how and where you want to get to and always plan for the worst case scenario. As a well known Cork sportsman Roy Keane often said “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

biography – Lakeview Energy is predominantly an Irish owned renewable energy company based in Chicago with investments in biofuels and wind energy. Its biorefineries are based in Iowa and Ohio with the capacity to produce over 100 million gallons of biofuel, 300,000 tons of animal feed and 20 million pounds of corn oil. The biofuels produced at the plant is blended into gasoline as a renewable fuel and is contained in 87 Octane and E85 fuels sold across the U.S. Jim Galvin is a shareholder and CEO of the business. Jim has worked for the past 13 years in the renewable energy sector mainly in Ireland and across Europe but is now based in the U.S. on a full-time basis over the last number of years.

Joan and Robert CulbertJoan-and-Robert-Culbert-jpg

Place of birth: Dublin, Ireland
Business: Emerald Meats
First established: March 2004
Employees: Joan, and Robert Culbert, and twelve part-time employees.
Where you live: Worcester, Massachusetts
First job: Kevin Doyle’s produce (Joan ) Stewart’s Butcher Shop (Robert ) both in Ballyfermot, Dublin
What it taught me: (Joan) about hard work, and being patient and courteous to customers. Robert learned his trade, and became a master butcher in Ireland, and also about hard work, and how to deal with the public.
Family: We have three children, Kevin 18, Brian 15, and Sinead 11. Joan has a sister in Framingham, MA, and the rest of our families live in Ireland.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: “Keep it small,” meaning sometimes with expansion, you can get in over your head, and loose everything.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Know your business, and expect to put in 24/7. Be prepared to support your business financially the first year, and not the other way around!
The most important thing for a business success is: A constant dedication, and passion for your business, and the satisfaction of your customers. Watching your business grow, and always look for ways to improve everything. Always look for new ideas for your business, and never stop trying to improve what you are doing. For retail, always remember your customer is the most important part of your business, and they should be treated so!

biography – We both grew up in Ballyfermot, Dublin, and started dating when I was 18, and Robert 23. We were both always ambitious, and both of us had always dreamed of emigrating to America, and so we arrived in Worcester, MA, two years later in 1990, also the year we married. After years of working hard, Robert had managed a local meat market, and I worked in an Irish restaurant, we decided it was time to go out on our own, and open an Irish Butcher Shop. With Robert’s reputation as an excellent butcher, and we both had management experience, we opened Emerald Meats Butcher Shop, March 9, 2004 . Not only do we sell fresh meats, and deli, but also a whole range of Irish goods, such as, sausages, rashers, Irish brown bread, sweets(Irish candy)and other Irish groceries. We love what we do, and love being a part of the community in our town, Worcester.

Joe DevoyJoe-Devoy-jpg

Place of birth: Waterford, Ireland
Business: Tellus360
First established: 2010
Where you live:
Lancaster, PA
First job: Tierney’s Pig Farm
What it taught me: To get a different job, pigs are smelly.
Family: Sons Eoin and Aidan, father Joe and mother Teresa. Brothers Sean and Dave and sister Mary; all sounds very religious.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Never give anyone advice. (My father).
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Love life and nothing else matters and never give anyone advice.
The most important thing for a business success is: Passion and belief

biography – “Joseph “Joe” Devoy is native son of Touraneena, Co. Waterford who arrived in the U.S. on a soccer scholarship in the late 1980s to Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA. Having proven emphatically that a career in soccer was never on the cards he proceeded to move to NYC and a job in international banking. Having the same success in banking as he had in soccer he ended up as an accountant for an Irish construction company. Starting in this field with extensive experience, (he built a wooden house with his father once) he fell in love with the freedom that it gave. Every day was different, every project had a start and a finish and each start came with excitement and every finish came with relief. Joe and his partners, Paudie Mulvihill and John Shanahan, ended up taking over ARA Construction in the mid 90s and have seen it grow steadily since. ARA is now licensed in 37 states and does work for some of the world’s biggest organizations.
Over the last few years Joe has started a new concept Tellus360. It creates and manufactures reclaimed wood, concrete and steel furniture, it sells upcycled, recycled, reuse, repurposed products Tellus believes in. It has an art gallery that supports up and coming artists that create art that provides an emotional response. It has a music venue that features fantastic local and national acts. This music venue is being refurbished to allow for bigger shows and crowds up to five or six hundred and it is Tellus360’s intent to feature a lot of Irish acts. Tellus360 does its best to be a part of Saprinu, a wonderful organization that delivers quality education and job opportunities to rural Nepal. Joe and Tellus360 have also been very involved in Duffy’s Cut and the effort to recover 50 lost Irish men who died a century and a half ago building a mile of railroad in rural Pennsylvania. Joe is a very proud Irish American.
He is appreciative of both his time in America and Ireland, the many fine people that he has met along the way and wonderful opportunities that both countries have afforded him.

John FlanaganJohn-Flanagan-jpg

Age: 44
Place of birth: The Bronx, New York
Business: Green Island Interactive
First established: 1999
Employees 10 staff members primarily based in New York and Dublin.
Where you live: New York and Dublin
First job: Bartender
What it taught me: Responsibility.
Family: My mother and father, Margaret and Peter Flanagan, both grew up in Ireland – Kerry and Galway respectively. My father was a New York City Police Officer for 35 years, retiring as an Inspector. My younger brother Brian and I were both born in New York. Brian has recently transitioned from a 20 year career as a golf professional to the insurance industry. Brian’s twins (my niece and nephew) celebrated their first birthday a few days before St. Patrick’s Day!
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Problems are a part of business – no different than accounting, staff management and business development. Do not take the problems personally, and don’t dwell on them. Solve them, learn any lessons, and move on.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: If you are setting up a technology business – as so many people are today – start lean and get a product to market quickly that addresses a hole in the market. If it does not work, learn to “fail quickly and cheaply” so that you have resources remaining to adjust your strategy and try again.
The most important thing for a business success is: Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and potential customers. If you listen to them, you will understand what they need. If you put yourself in their shoes, you should be able to create the product or service they want. Striking the right balance between working hard and working smart.

biography – John Flanagan was born and raised in New York City, and later moved with his family to Westchester County, New York. He received both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Computer Science from Boston College, and lived in Boston while attending school from 1986 to 1992. He returned to New York City where he worked in New York’s original Silicon Alley as a multimedia games developer for nearly seven years. Following the suggestion of a colleague from Dublin who had returned home, John moved to Dublin in 1998 and hopped on the back of the Celtic Tiger. An avid golfer, he immediately joined a golf club in Dublin and soon recognized a lack of online technologies available to the Irish golf industry.
By 1999, John founded Green Island Interactive, an internet solutions and consulting company, and began building the SiteCaddy platform to help give golf clubs the ability to manage their online sales and marketing in-house. SiteCaddy proved popular, and Green Island has expanded its reach beyond the golf industry into e-commerce, retail, medical, education and other business sectors ever since. SiteCaddy offers a complete package of online marketing tools for small business owners looking for greater control over their website and online promotion. John currently splits his time between Dublin and New York, considering himself lucky to live and work in two such fantastic cities. He married a lovely Limerick lady in Adare Manor in 2007, and when not chained to his laptop he enjoys spending time with family and friends on great golf courses and in great pubs on both sides of the Atlantic.

John ShanahanJohn-Shanahan-jpg

Age: 42
Place of birth: Clonmel, Ireland
Business: ARA Construction
First established: 1987
Employees: 50
Where you live: Annapolis, MD
First job: Door to Door sales.
What it taught me: The value of perseverance.
Family: Wife Sonya and sons Kieran 4 and Jack 2. Youngest of three children. Father John and Mother Maura (RIP). Brother Anthony and sister Alma.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Try to be a good listener.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Trust your instinct and find strong mentors along the way.
The most important thing for a business success is: Your people and a competitive advantage. Providing exceptional customer service.

biography – Hailing from Abbeyside in County Waterford, John Shanahan moved to States in 1989. He was awarded a soccer scholarship to Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA where he graduated with a BA in Marketing. He completed his graduate work at St. Joseph’s University Philadelphia. He spent twelve years with Supermarket Company Ahold and worked in numerous capacities most recently as Director of Purchasing. In 2007 he joined partners Joe Devoy and Paudie Mulvihill at ARA Construction, a General Contractor specializing in retail remodels. During that time he has overseen the Accounting, Financial and Human Resources functions for the company. ARA has terrific portfolio of clients built over time through performance and trust. In January 2010 he became the first treasurer of the newly established Irish Network D.C. In 2013 he became treasurer for Saprinu, an NGO devoted to providing better education for children in rural Nepal.

Kathleen Connery BrunnerKathleen-Connery-Brunner-jpg

Age: 49
Place of birth: Philadelphia, PA
Business: Acumen Analytics, Inc.
First established: 2004
Employees: Kathleen Brunner President, George Brunner, VP Technology & Analytics, Michael Connery Manager Data Analytics & Infrastructure, Martha Houston Manager.
Where you live: Mongtomeryville, PA
First job: St. Joseph St. Robert’s parish bingo server.
What it taught me:
How much fun a job can be, even though it is a lot of hard work.
Family: George Brunner – husband, Vincent, Michael, and Brian, children.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: “Well why don’t you quit? You don’t need to work for them. Your smarter than they are.” – George Brunner.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: You have to be prepared to give 150 percent. It is a lot of work with very minimal vacation time. You have to love it.
The most important thing for a business success is: Know that you don’t know everything, surround yourself with people who know more than you do and believe that failure is not an option.

biography – Founder of Acumen Analytics, WBE certified technology, performance management and business analytics consulting firm. Combining unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across many industries and business functions, Acumen Analytics collaborates with clients to create strategies and solutions that drive business outcomes. Recognized as a visionary and industry leader, Kathy has been combining her extensive technology experience and accounting background to solve complex business challenges and achieve results as both an entrepreneur and corporate accountant for over 20 years. Acumen Analytics has well-established relationships throughout the business community. Our consultants and strategic partners provide a wide range of services including information management strategy, data management and architecture, business intelligence and advanced analytics and optimization.
Our subject matter experts, industry insight, technology and functional competence, coupled with innovation, help clients achieve the benefits of business intelligence, information management and performance management faster and more cost effectively since 2004. Kathy’s entrepreneurial background began as a principal with Complete System Solutions, Inc – ranked 34th as one of The Wharton School and Philadelphia Business Journal’s 100 fastest growing companies in 1994. Dedicated to giving back Kathy holds or has held leadership positions with a variety organizations including Saint Joseph’s University Women’s Leadership Council, Saint Joseph’s University Managing Human Capital Advisory Board, La Salle College High School Parents Advisory Committee, The American Society of Women Accountants, and Ancillae Assumpta Academy Parents Council. Kathy is also a member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Pennsylvania Institute of Public Accountants, Institute of Management Accountants, The Data Warehouse Institute National Association of Women Business Owners, SHRM, Pennsylvania Bio.

Kathleen McGrathKathleen-McGrath-jpg

Age: 73
Place of birth: Tulsk, Co. Roscommon
Business: McGraths Motel Edgewood Falls
First established: 1974
Employees: Employees are my family.
Where you live: East Durham, New York
First job: Devaney Shop in Ireland and AT&T in America.
What it taught me: How to deal with people and the use of Irish hospitality.
Family: Born in Tulsk, Co. Roscommon to Patrick and Mary Devaney. Kathleen is the oldest of 5 children, the others being Bertie, Maureen, Bernadette and Patrick. She married Martin (Mattie) McGrath and had five children, Martin, Eileen, Colleen, Maura and Katie. As of right Kathleen has 15 grandchildren.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Prior to going into business someone told her she would not make a penny for five years; they were right.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Keep your nose to the grindstone and before you know it your success will stand on its own. Most importantly love what you do.
The most important thing for a business success is: Do the best you can with what you have and be willing to put your name on it and be proud of what you do. If you are looking for easy work, being self employed is not for you. If you want a career where it doesn’t seem like work, pick something that makes your heart race with the idea of it, even if its scary. Start the dream now. You can coast later in life.

biography – Kathleen and Mattie McGrath established Kerry’s Korner Pub in 1967 and made it a successful business. In 1975 they moved to East Durham and purchased Edgewood Falls Farm. The amenities include a motel, bar, and restaurant. They started late night Irish Breakfast. Business was booming, standing room only and they ran out of food. Through the years, and many a late night with a wide variety of Irish musicians and the help of family and friends, they became a landmark of East Durham. After the death of her husband, Mattie McGrath, Kathleen and her family came together to ensure the success and longevity of McGrath’s. At the age of 73, Kathleen still owns and operates McGrath’s Motel. Her success stands on its own.

Liz Smith-BreslinLiz-Smith-Breslin-jpg

Place of birth: Rockaway Beach, NY
Business: The Blue Bungalow
First established: July 2007
Employees: 10
Where you live: Rockaway Beach, NY
First job: Baby Sitting job for a 2 year old boy.
What it taught me: It taught me to have patience and to be a great mom.
Family: Married with a 6 year old son, Quinn
Best advice anyone ever gave you: I’ve taken pieces of great advice from many people who have influenced me. Best advice was “always be your yourself and think outside the box.”
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Best advice I can give someone starting out is to never give up and be yourself. If you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. Success comes to those who never give up and who color outside the lines.
The most important thing for a business success is: The most important thing for business success is to work hard and be unique. You will stand out and you will succeed.
When you walk into The Blue Bungalow my partner, Jeanne Jamin and I want you to feel like you are in a unique and special store. We take pride in every item we sell. What makes us stand apart is the fact that Jeanne and I create so many of the one-of-kind items that fill our shelves. These handmade pieces is what makes The Blue Bungalow brand so exclusive.

biography – Elizabeth (Liz) Smith-Breslin was born and raised in Rockaway Beach, NY. She is a lifelong Rockaway resident with the surf and sand still between her toes. Liz worked for the NYC Board of Education for 15 years as a teacher and guidance counselor. She is recognized as a role model and influencing one of her famous student’s lives, Nicki Minaj. Liz has always been inspired by the beach. She grew up taking photos capturing many memories throughout her life.
After the tragic death of her brother BJ in 1999 she was inspired to draw his name in the sand as a keepsake. This single drawing motivated her to keep creating these unique beach writings which became a healing source for her. Liz’s Beach writings became so popular that a business was born and Liz became known as “New York Beach Girl.” This enterprise has since grown and Liz creates thousands of these one-of-a-kind beach writings, yearly. Each time she designs one for a customer she says it remind her of her brother and makes her smile. Another one of Liz’s distinctive photographs which depicts the American Flag in the jetty on the beach is titled, “Never Forgotten.” The classic photo was taken in memory of her fiancé Mike Andrews, whom she lost on 9/11/01 at Cantor Fitzgerald. In Niall O’Dowd’s book “Fire in the Morning,” Liz tells her personal story of the loss. Liz was featured in the Oxygen Network 9/11 Documentary, “Women of Rockaway.” The film highlighted Liz’s beach writings as well as her personal loss along with the accounts of other women from Rockaway who lost loved ones that fateful day.
In 2007, Liz partnered with Mike Andrew’s sister, Jeanne Jamin and opened a beachy chic gift & home decor store called The Blue Bungalow, located in Rockaway Beach. The one-of-kind art and personalized items designed by Liz and Jeanne is what makes their quaint store stand apart from others. Along with her custom Beach writings and photographs Liz also creates a line of hand painted wine glasses, ornaments, magnets, personalized stationery and other items which all reflect the originality and uniqueness of The Blue Bungalow Brand. In 2012, Liz and Jeanne opened a second Blue Bungalow store in Long Beach, NY. Within 3 months of opening her second store, hurricane Sandy destroyed her hometown. Liz suffered significant losses to her home and businesses. Only recently was she able to move back home. During this tragic time, Liz rallied to get her stores back up and running as fast as she could under difficult circumstances. Trying to get her doors open while being displaced, Liz’s commitment to her community was unwavering. Liz arranged daily meals for her neighbors and relief workers for many days following Sandy. She coordinated Thanksgiving dinner for 300 families at her grammar school, St. Rose of Lima and helped bring smiles to those families faces. Liz also organized a secret holiday gift giving program where she turned the Blue Bungalow into a gift center and then hand delivered gift cards and donated items to over forty Rockaway families during a very difficult holiday season.
Smith-Breslin focused her attention on getting small businesses on Beach 116th street assistance in getting back on their feet. She is presently working closely with the NYC Small Business Services and Commissioner Robert Walsh to revitalize the Beach 116th Street commercial corridor. With the help of Commissioner Walsh and his staff, Liz has assisted in forming the Beach 116th Street Merchants Association. They are working on addressing quality of life issues and providing the corridor with marketing and a commercial revitalization strategy. This will make a significant economic impact making Beach 116th Street a vibrant commercial corridor. Liz has been appointed President of the Beach 116th street Merchants Association. Liz is a 3rd generation Irish American whose family still to this day owns and operates the famous Peter McManus Cafe in Chelsea, NY. This popular NYC Irish pub was started when her great grandfather, Peter McManus arrived from County Longford. Liz can draw a perfect shamrock in the foam of any pint of Guinness, as well as on the sand in Rockaway Beach. Liz is currently married to Film Director Kevin Breslin, son of the Pulitzer prize winning author, Jimmy Breslin. Together they have one son, Quinn, age 6.

Maralyn DolanMaralyn-Dolan

Place of birth:
Boston, MA
Business: Print Brokerage firm
First established: 1999
Employees: 5
Where you live: Tribeca
First job: Retail at Sears
What it taught me: I can sell
Family: Husband, stepdaughter, 2 grandchildren, 12 nieces and nephews.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: At the end of the day, when your feet and body are dragging, make that last call. You will be amazed how many good things come from that last call.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Start with “yes” and then figure out how to get it done. Persistence. Brush off the disappointments and get on to the next challenges.

biography – Integrated Printing and Graphics is an award-winning full service printing and graphic design company with a blue-ribbon client list that includes JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Eileen Fisher, and the New York Mets. Maralyn began her career in the printing industry at the Mass Envelope Co. then the Quality House of Graphics, gaining an industry-wide reputation for high quality, reliability and client service. She founded IPG in 1999, the same year she completed the New York City Marathon. She is on the Board of Directors of The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, was previously Vice Chair of Encore Community Services and presently volunteers in the Friendly Visitor Program servicing the elderly. and is a past Chair of the Corporate Partnership Committee of the National Association of Women Business Owners of New York City and served on the Board of Directors. Maralyn is an Advisory Board Member of QED National, a private company. She is a long-time member and past member of Board of Directors of The Lambs, the oldest theatrical club in the world and a member of the Kylix Wine Society. Maralyn is the recipient of the 2004 NAWBO-NYC Phoenix Award and the 2004 New York Women’s Agency Galaxy Award. She is a graduate of Aquinas College, Newton Massachusetts. Maralyn lives and works in TriBeCa and thoroughly enjoys the New York City existence.

Mark FarrellMark-Farrell-jpg

Age: 40
Place of birth: Orange, NJ
Business: Connolly Station (Belmar, NJ) Farrell’s (Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ)
First established: 2005
Employees: 80-100.
Where you live: Sea Girt, NJ
First job: Bus boy at the Parker House in Sea Girt
What it taught me: It taught me how hard work pays off, and you can have fun while you work. I have had the pleasure of working in great businesses. I have worked side-by-side with some great people.
Family: My roots trace back to County Longford on my father’s side. My Great uncle (Edward “Doc” Steven Farrell) immigrated to America and played on the 1932 NY Yankees alongside Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. My parents met at the Jersey Shore and lived in Spring Lake where I was born and raised. I am second youngest of five children. My parents passed away when I was 25 (Dad) and 28 (Mom). I married Melissa Leonardis from Sea Girt, NJ. She has two brothers and her parents are best In-laws a guy can ask for. Melissa and I have the most amazing little daughter. Her name is Elle. She will be 2-years-old in November.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Work hard, have fun while you do it, never stop learning and surround yourself with good people.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: You cannot hit a home run without swinging the bat.
The most important thing for a business success is: Clear and confident leadership of a unified team of employees.

biography – Connolly Station and Farrell’s Stout & Steak are local Irish pubs. They are both about the same size. They seat approximately 200 guests. Each has a private party room that holds 25-100 guests. The menus feature Steaks, chops, Seafood, award winning burgers, and Irish specialties. Our Irish potato soup and our shepherd’s pie are local favorites. Our pubs host nightly live music including “Irish Night” with live Irish music and dancing. Bands like Willie Lynch, Bobby Byrne, The Bantry Boys and the Snakes entertain us on our Irish nights. Farrell’s is Tuesday night and Connolly Station is Thursday Nights. We also offer Irish beer specials and two for one corned beef sandwiches and reubens. Our establishments are locals favorites because of how we treat our guests. We truly enjoy serving our customers and we typically generate a great relationships along the way. We are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

Mark MullanMark-Mullan-jpg-

Place of birth: Dublin, Ireland
Business: Helping U.S. technology expand within Silicon Valley and internationally to Europe, via Ireland, and to Asia.
First established: Mullan Schwartz established in Hong Kong in 2007, Origin8 recruitment established in 2012.
Employees: 9 in Hong Kong and 3 in Mountain View, California. New office opening in Dublin in June 2013 with 5 staff to be recruited.
Where you live: San Francisco, California
First job: Volunteer with Concern in Somalia during the famine in 1992
What it taught me: That the single greatest pleasure I have had is helping others. When you can make a difference, do all you can and do it now. A little goes a long way.
Family: Married to Julia Zhao.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Be true to yourself. Common sense goes a long way.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Go for it and help others. Travel whenever you can.
The most important thing for a business success is: Planning and support from family, friends and clients. Having fun doing something you like and helping others.

biography – Mark Mullan, born and educated in Ireland. Played rugby in the French 1st Division with Grenoble. Humanitarian and disaster relief work in areas of conflict in Africa for 10 years with the EU, UN and Concern in Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and Tanzania. Established the financial search firm Mullan Schwartz in Hong Kong in 2007. Opened the Origin8 recruitment office in Mountain View, California in 2012. Origin8 recruitment is the first Irish recruitment company to be established in Silicon Valley. Origin8 helps U.S. tech companies expand within Silicon Valley and than internationally to Ireland and Asia. Origin8 helps fund a number of HIV and TB projects in Myanmar. The company is a client of Enterprise Ireland, and is committed to creating 10 jobs in Ireland in the next two years.

Marty MaddenMarty-Madden-jpg

Age: 33
Place of birth: Chicago, IL
Business: Maine Lobster Exchange
First established: 2010
Employees: 1
Where you live: Falmouth, ME
First job: Maintenance Worker
What it taught me: Everyone starts knowing nothing. We learn by doing.
Family: I am the youngest of six boys and I married into a family of six, making the immediate family quite massive. My wife and I have three children of our own: Finn (4), Beckett (2), and Maggie (1).
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Be open for growth in any direction.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Others are going to try to turn your dream business into their dream business. Don’t let them.
The most important thing for a business success is: Pushing.

biography – I married into a family with a long line of lobstermen who were interested in moving their lobsters directly to restaurants in the Midwest. When my father-in-law approached me about knowing anyone who would be interested in this, I was teaching English at a small college in Maine. However, the idea stuck with me, and the next summer I ditched teaching and started a lobster wholesale company. We pay a premium for the lobstermen’s top product, ensuring that the money goes to those who work hardest for it: the lobstermen. The restaurants benefit because they are able to pay a much more affordable rate for an incredibly fresh product that was plucked from the ocean just the day before. Our lobsters now find homes in several of the top restaurants in Chicago and Detroit, but they are always looking to migrate.

Mary ReillyMary-Reilly-jpg

Age: 49
Place of birth: New Rochelle, New York
Business: Customs Catering
First established: 2013
Employees: Customs Catering is a subsidiary of PicNic Market & Cafe (www.picnicmarket.com), a bistro on the Upper West Side of Manhattan since 2004. There are approximately 20 employees.
Where you live: Upper West Side, Manhattan.
First job: Marketing Coordinator for Sverdrup Corporation, an architectural/engineering design firm.
What it taught me: I wrote new business proposals (RFPs) under tight deadlines so I had to learn to deal with pressure and work as part of a team.
Family: Both of my maternal grandparents (Mary McDermott from County Cavan and Patrick Mullarkey from County Sligo) came to the U.S. in 1929 and met in NYC. My father’s side of the family (the Reillys and Morans) have been in the U.S. for several generations and the Morans were workers in the marble quarries of Vermont. My paternal grandparents, Mary (Moran) and Harry Reilly, were entrepreneurs in hospitality/retail and my deceased father, John Reilly, owned an insurance agency in Westchester. My father died in 2008 and my mother, Mary, died in 2009.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: You become what you do. This is true both professionally and personally.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: You can have the best ideas in the world but you need to take the leap of faith and do the hard work necessary to bring them to fruition.
The most important thing for a business success is: Word of mouth makes or breaks a business so treating customers as VIPs is very important, as well as taking care of good employees.

biography – Mary Reilly is 100 percent Irish American and the first female in her family tree to graduate from both college and graduate school. She graduated from Columbia Business School 20 years ago and became a partner in PicNic Market & Cafe (www.picnicmarket.com) located in Morningside Heights near Columbia this past Fall. As an entrepreneur, Mary sought out the partnership as a vehicle through which she could realize her lifelong dream to launch a bona fide catering business, Customs Catering (www.CustomsCatering.com), based upon the concept of “marrying cuisines from around the globe to create uniquely customized events.”

Matthew TravisMatthew-Travis.-jpg

Age: 43
Place of birth: Brooklyn, NY
Business: Obsidian Analysis, Inc.
First established: 2010
Employees: 30
Where you live: Alexandria, VA
First job: Paperboy
What it taught me: How to delegate the route to my younger brother, Brian, and pay him a lot less than I was making.
Family: Wife Allison, Daughter Riley Jane (2) Son Cavan (2 months).
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Partner only with people you trust.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Don’t flinch when times get tough.
The most important thing for a business success is: Talented and dedicated people.

biography – Obsidian is a Washington, D.C.-based professional services firm providing analytical and policy consulting for homeland security, national security, and intelligence decision makers.

Niall LeogueNiall-Leogue-jpg

Age: 47
Place of birth: Dublin, Ireland
Business: Caddie Tours
First established: 2002
Employees: 1
Where you live: Vienna, VA
First job: Kilmurray’s Newsagents (Dublin)
What it taught me: My first real job working for the local newsagent was a great experience; in addition to the basics of running a business (opening, closing, managing the till, inventory management), I learned a lot about customer service and building trust-based relationships, which has been important in every job I’ve held since then.
Family: Wife: Serena Madden Leogue. Children: Aoife (17), Aisling (14), Kieran (10).
Best advice anyone ever gave you: When I worked for Aer Lingus at JFK, my manager told me to treat customers the way I would like to be treated; as the first point of contact for the airline, I would be setting the tone for the rest of their trip. As a customer myself, I wish more businesses followed that guiding principle.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Patience is a virtue; it takes time to build a business and to build relationships with your customers, but if you invest the time wisely upfront you will have a customer for life.
The most important thing for a business success is: Focus on your core business. In my case, I specialize in tours to Ireland. I know the country well, visit properties on a regular basis and have a lot of contacts there, which allows me to make each trip uniquely suited to a customer’s needs. I couldn’t possibly give the same level of service for trips to China, for instance. You also need to know your customers, to make sure you are offering the right products and services, and you need to treat those customers the way you’d like to be treated if you were in their place.

biography – I was born in Dublin, and came to the U.S. as part of the Donnelley visa program in 1989, settling in Queens. After several years with Aer Lingus at JFK, I moved into the travel agency business, working for companies including O’Connor Fairways in NY and Isle Inn Tours in VA (my family and I moved to Virginia in 1997). I was convinced that there was a demand for personalized Irish tours, and set up Caddie Tours to fill that need. The travel industry has of course changed tremendously in the past 20 years, and consumers have lots of choices, so it’s a lot of fun to come up with ideas that appeal to both new and existing customers. It’s a real privilege to be able to share my beloved homeland with my American friends, and I look forward to doing just that for many years to come!

Patrick Hughes Jr.Pat-Hughes-jpg

Age: 48
Place of birth: Queens, NY
Business: Lansdowne Road & The Pony Bar
First established: 2006
Employees: 50
www.LansdowneRoadNYC.com www.ThePonyBar.com
Where you live: Bergen County, NJ
First job: Busboy at “The Assembly” Bayside, Queens.
What it taught me: Show up on time and ready to work. (and the owner’s drinking can destroy a booming business!)
Family: Wife of 16 years, Jules Hughes. Three amazing kids: Austin 14, James 12 and Christina 10.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: “Head down, Keep going” Paddy Hughes Sr. (Dad) “This isn’t General Motors. Keep it simple” Ann Marie Hughes (Mom)
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Be prepared to make the sacrifices needed to achieve your goals. Read “The Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun,” By Wess Roberts. Play particular attention to the chapter “Attila doesn’t drink with the Huns.”
The most important thing for a business success is: Lead by example. Surround yourself with passionate and knowledgeable people that share your goals. Give your people the tools they need to succeed. Focus your energy on constantly improving your business and the monetary rewards will follow.

biography – It is an honor to have been nominated to be a part of the Irish Echo newspaper’s 3rd Annual Irish Small Business 50 Awards. I grew up watching my parents pursue their “American Dream” and feel so fortunate that they were able to provide the education, direction and values that allowed me to pursue mine. I got my first taste of the bar business in my dad’s “Blarney Stone” pub back in the 1970s. From there I worked in variety of restaurants and bars and eventually graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management from FIU in Miami, FL. Arriving back home, I took my first “real job” on Wall Street at Merrill Lynch. A few short months later, the manager came up to me and said “You would make a great bartender.” So back into the family business I dove. My sister Eileen and I took over a small family owned bar on Eighth Avenue called “The Bantry Bar,” renamed it Scruffy Duffy’s and the rest is history. When Scruffy’s closed after a blistering 17 year run, I opened “Lansdowne Road ” on 10th Avenue with my partner Dan McLaughlin. From there we have since opened a few American craft ceer bars called “The Pony Bar” and plans are in the works to open a few more. So perhaps, the best advice I ever got and actually followed was from that manager on Wall Street because now, 27 years later, I am in the Irish Echo!

Patrick J. FolanPatrick-J.-Folan-jpg

Place of birth: Pittsburgh, PA
Business: Accent Contracting Corp.
First established: 1993
Where you live: Pittsburgh, PA
First job: Delivering Newspapers
What it taught me: Be on time. Be polite to clients. Make collections on time and pay invoices on time.
Family: Wife: Bridget Minnock, daughter Claire, married to Doug Carmack with one child, son Brian, married to Erin Fitzgerald, daughter Annie married to John Engel.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Get out in front and stay in front!
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Read everything you can and ask questions.
The most important thing for a business success is: Honesty.

biography – Patrick J. Folan started Accent Contracting Corp. in 1993 after working many years in the building and remodeling business. Additions to existing homes are the primary focus of the company. Since starting Accent Contracting, Patrick has hired and trained a number of interns from Ireland who where brought to Pittsburgh by the Ireland Institute. He is a Life Board Member of the Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh, and a Past President of the Remodelers Council. Patrick’s parents Michael and Mary, both hailed from Connemara. They encouraged many of the activities that helped to foster a strong appreciation of his Irish roots. He also enjoyed Gaelic football and competing in Curragh races. He has been playing music with Guaranteed Irish, a Pittsburgh-based band since 1979.

Patrick KeenanPatrick-Kennan-jpg

Place of birth: Andersonstown, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Business: Oil and gas exploration and production
Where you live: Houston, Texas
First job: Petroleum geologist.
What it taught me: Be a risk taker but weigh the risks before making a decision, then take responsibility for the outcome.
Family: One of seven children. Married with three children.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: As soon as you are old enough, leave Northern Ireland because there is no work and no future for you here. Regardless of whom a person is, or what position they hold, you are their equal. Pick your fights and don’t tilt at windmills.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Before you can grow any business in any market you must clearly define the need and the want.
The most important thing for a business success is: Before any business can grow in any market there must be a need and a want.

biography: – Patrick (Paddy) Keenan, born in Andersonstown, Belfast in 1951, has spent his entire career in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. From 1974 through 1992 he was employed by several large oil and gas service companies, first as a geologist on oil and gas rigs located throughout West Africa, the North Sea, and Middle East and later in positions of increasing management responsibility. In 1992 he took the first steps to his career as an entrepreneur, joining a private equity-funded company to spearhead the introduction of it patented revolutionary NMR technology to the upstream oil and gas industry. Within four years the company had become recognized as the leader in its field, and, following a successful IPO, the company was sold to Halliburton in 1997. Keenan’s second venture was in the field of geophysics, commercializing revolutionary seismic interpretation technology originally developed by Amoco Corporation. Within three years he had led the company to profitability and to be recognized as the worldwide leader in its field. In 1999, during the worst downturn in oilfield history, he spearheaded the sale of the company to Core Laboratories, a large publicly traded service company. From December 2003 through June 2010, he served as President of GeoMechanics International (GMI), a technology spin-off from Stanford University. As with his two previous ventures, Keenan initiated a turnaround and led the company to become recognized as the leader in its field. He sold the company to Baker Hughes, Inc. in April 2008. Following early retirement from GMI/Baker Hughes in June 2010, Keenan assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of a Norwegian oil and gas exploration and production start-up with producing oil assets in the U.S. and Trinidad. Mr. Keenan received a BA (Hons) in Environmental Sciences in 1974 from Lancaster University and, in 1990, completed the Executive Management Program at the Jesse Jones School of Business at Rice University, Houston. He is married with three children and lives in Houston, Texas.

Paul BlakelyPaul-Blakely-jpg

Place of birth: Derry
Business: Velocity Worldwide
First established: 1999
Employees; 12 in the US and 17 in Ireland and the UK
Where you live: New York
First job: The Ideal Design in Belfast
What it taught me: That working for free is a necessary step sometimes to achieving your goals.
Family: Wife Carol, son Ethan, daughters Anna and Caeris.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Be patient, modest, work hard and it’ll come to you.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Be patient, modest, work hard, have as much fun as you can, and it’ll come to you.
The most important thing for a business success is: Don’t appear too eager. Your business must be clearly differentiated from your competition and you must have an A+ product.

biography – Paul Blakely has led the brand strategy and creative development for dozens of companies since arriving in the U.S. in 2001. His category expertise extends into financial services, manufacturing, consumer goods, sports and technology. Notable clients in the U.S. in recent years have been Bloomberg, NASCAR, Ingersoll Rand and in Europe Coca-Cola, British Telecom, Guinness, and Bacardi Martini. He and his company Velocity Worldwide now specialize in using customer engagement to help build brands and for the first time help clients understand, in real-time, the effectiveness of advertising, marketing and sponsorship programs ensuring maximum return on investment.

Paul CooneyPaul-Cooney-jpg

Place of birth: Pleasantville, NY
Business: Shamrock Consulting Group, LLC
First established: 2008
Employees: 12
Where you live: Redondo Beach, CA
First job: Teligent, Inc. – outside telecom sales in Boston, MA. The company went bankrupt in the dot com bust, but I had fantastic managers and great training.
What it taught me: It taught me all of the basics of sales and being a professional – from prospecting and following up to closing deals. It was scary at first to be kicked out of the office to cold call businesses, but I think this is a perfect first job and I respect anyone who has a similar background.
Family: I have a wife, Jana, son Aidan who is almost 2, our dog Artie and we are expecting a baby girl in July. I have 2 sisters, Michelle and Laura, and my parents are Joan and Bob.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: In college I had to memorize the quote “Persistence” by Calvin Coolidge. “Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” It reminds me that my life, both business and person, are within my control and that hard work and determination will always prevail. I find this extremely empowering.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: You will be amazed at what you can achieve, so believe in yourself and always have confidence that you will succeed. For any deal or account, always keep the attitude that somebody has to win – why not you? The other advice is to have stationery made up and write hand-written thank you cards. It leaves a positive, lasting impression.
The most important thing for a business success is: Listen to your customers, they will tell you what they want. The customer or partner should be talking most of the time – it’s a sign of respect, it will make them feel important (they are!), and they will tell you exactly how to earn their business. Adjust your responses based on what they tell you, not on a preconceived “pitch.”

biography – Shamrock Consulting Group is a full service master agent in the telecommunications and IT consulting firm. Headquartered in Hermosa Beach, California, Shamrock was formed to provide the customer with the best pricing, service, and support in the telecommunications industry. As an agent, we have access to 100 plus carriers and help companies in making the best selection for their business. We become the main point of contact in dealing with the telecom carriers, allowing our clients to focus on the solution itself rather than dealing with countless salespeople. Whether you are a growing startup or global organization, Shamrock has the ability to scale services to not only meet but exceed your needs and expectations. We are experts in MPLS, SIP, data centers, wireless, inbound/outbound voice, Internet (DSL to Gig+ circuits), private line, and many other carrier services.

Peter ByrnesPeter-Byrnes-jpg

Age: 49
Place of birth: New York City
Business: Lúgh Studio, Inc.
First established: 1997
Employees: 5
Where you live: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
First job: Busboy
What it taught me: How to work hard under difficult situations
Family: Single with dog.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: You get what you focus on-whether you want it or not.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Listen to people’s advice and then follow your gut.
The most important thing for a business success is: Having a clear vision. Great, talented staff and good clients

biography – We are a graphic design firm that focuses on branding and website design. We have been serving NYC and international clients for the last 16 years from start ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Richard C. JacksonRichard-C.-Jackson-jpg

Age: 57
Place of birth: Wheeling, WV
Business: EarthWater Technologies, Inc.
First established: ETI was established in 2010, however, it has been evolving for several decades.
Employees: 35
Where you live: Pittsburgh, Pa.
First job: Mowing lawns as a young boy.
What it taught me: It taught me that persevering in hard work results in pride at a job well done.
Family: Wife, Shanan, daughter, Eryn, son, Ian.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Do it now. Don’t give up. It’s never too late to follow your dream.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Must be persistent and prepared to work extremely hard. Follow your heart and get used to being comfortable with uncertainty.
The most important thing for a business success is: Have a clear picture of your objective and surround yourself with a dedicated team who shares your vision.

biography – A 35-year-veteran of the water and energy sectors and a co-founder of Earthwater Technologies, Inc. An owner and investor in global water related products and services for 28 years. In 1985, Richard founded Aquastream, a manufacturer and marketer of patented water well sand control systems. In 1995, he initiated, funded and led the Carnegie Mellon Research Institute’s longest running sponsored research program, which resulted in the partnering with Merrill Lynch and Exxon Mobil in a $75 million Joint Development Program on novel low-pressure microwave-enhanced hydro-cracking processes. Has broad management experience having led organizations of over 100 employees and researchers. In addition has extensive international business experience, including in the Middle East, where he resided and worked in post-Desert Storm Saudi Arabia Education: Attended the University of Texas at Austin, Math and Sciences, Earned a BBA from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University Post-graduate work in International Energy Economics at the University of Houston. Jackson currently serves as CEO of EarthWater Technologies. ETI develops previously overlooked, large-scale, sustainable fresh groundwater resources called Megawatersheds and delivers water for municipal and industrial use at lower all-in costs than all other alternatives. “Megawatershed” is a term that describes a previously unknown natural complex hydrogeologic system pervading the earth’s crust. ETI’s Megawatershed paradigm represents the first unifying theory of hydrology which includes mountain groundwater recharge and crustal permeability, which are major missing components in the traditional water balance.

Richard W. DonohoeRichard-W.-Donohue-jpg

Place of birth: Bronx, NY
Business: Sherman, Federman, Sambur & McIntyre LLP, a workers’ compensation and disability law firm
First established: 1950
Employees: 45
Where you live: Wading River, NY
First job: Newsday home delivery boy
What it taught me: To relate to people and conduct business at a very young age.
Family: Wife Doreen, twin boys Owen and Nathaniel (11).
Best advice anyone ever gave you: To relate to people and conduct business at a very young age.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: A teacher once told me that the purpose of life is to find your gift and the meaning of life is to give that gift to
The most important thing for a business success is: There are six essential qualities that are the key to success: sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, charity. A strong connection to the real needs and goals of your clients/customers.

biography – Our firm has been dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services to those who can least afford it. Our mission is to use aggressive representation combined with creative legal solutions to protect injured workers against those that would deprive them of their legal rights. The hallmark of Sherman, Federman, Sambur & McIntyre, LLP is that we accomplish the goals of our clients with a very personal touch, always remembering that our clients’ needs are most important.

Ryan Stone

Ryan Stone is an active member of the Irish community of San Antonio and a board member of the Harp and Shamrock Society of Texas. As a result of family circumstances he was unable to submit biographical material at this time.



Sarah M. Gilligan HynesSarah-M-Gilligan-Hynes-jpg

Place of birth: Glen Cove, NY
Business: Gilligan Long Island Realty Inc.
First established: 2003
Employees: 8
Where you live: Long Island
First job: Sandspoint Deli
What it taught me: I was 15 years old and it taught me a great deal. I learned how to be responsible and be on time, I would start work at 6am and work 100 hours a week for $5 per hour. I went in a few days before hand and learned every price of each item as I wanted to be prepared. The owner of the deli was Mrs. Batch and she was a very gracious lady. I learned how to do book keeping, stock taking, dealing with sometimes difficult people and how to handle situations.
Family: I have a wonderful husband, John, from County Roscommon and we have a daughter Tara who is 7-years-old. I am co owner of our company with my fantastic sister Eileen Gilligan. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers, we are all entrepreneurs and all doing very well. My parents live in Ireland but we see them quiet often.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: The best advice anyone gave me came from my parents. They always said if you want to be successful “You have to have the right attitude in business.” I watched my parents growing up and my mother was a great inspiration, she ran the bar and restaurant while managing the six kids and never complained. She just simply got on with it. My father managed the farm and had my brothers working at a young age to instill a work ethic. My mother raised my sisters and I to be independent women and I am raising my daughter to be the same. It is great to see so many successful women in business.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Starting out you will always have the critics but remember they are always the ones that have never tried. Stay focused and surround yourself with similar positive people. Know that if you can envision it, it will happen. Think outside the box, offer something your competitors can’t or won’t. Clients need to see your creative side. Having a great store front location is very important. And finally having “a good attitude” is the path to success.
The most important thing for a business success is: Choosing a business partner is crucial; you have to have the same goals. Always be a team player, always do good business, give back to the community when there is an opportunity; account for your own success and get it done. Honesty and integrity.
biography – My sister Eileen and I opened the doors in 2003 and never looked back since. We specialize in Residential Real Estate on Long Island. We are currently offering to our clients that 10 percent of our fee will be donated to St. Jude’s in their name. We are big believers in giving back to our community and helping where we can.

Seamus McAteerSeamus-McAteer-jpg

Place of birth: Co. Cavan
Business: Metaresolver: www.metaresolver.com
Where you live: San Francisco, CA
First job: Analyst at Frost & Sullivan
What it taught me: I worked on a contract basis. It taught me the value of time. When you are not productive you are better off doing something you enjoy than trying to stay busy.
Family: One of 11 children.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Find out what you are good at and do that.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Life is short, do something you love, surround yourself with people you feel are smarter than you.
The most important thing for a business success is: A great team.

biography – Seamus is a technology entrepreneur and industry analyst. He joined Millennial Media as SVP with responsibility for data and analytics through the sale of a company he co-founded, Metaresolver, where he was CEO. He previously founded M:Metrics, the leading provider of audience metrics for mobile and served as chief product architect and board member through its sale to Comscore. Seamus was an independent board member at mobile analytics start-up Motally, acquired by Nokia, and mobile audience metrics firm Zokem where he assisted with its sale to Arbitron. As managing director in charge of the market research business at Majestic Research, he oversaw the creation of a market leading dataset used by the majority of mobile handset companies to track retail sales. Seamus headed technology coverage as research fellow at Jupiter Communications and oversaw mobile technology coverage as an analyst at SRI International.

Sean MurphySean-Murphy-jpg

Age: 48
Place of birth: Bronx, NY
Business: MurphGuide Entertainment
First established: 1997
Employees: 1

Where you live: Rockville Centre, NY
First job: Telecom engineering
What it taught me: You can find a digital solution to an analog problem, and vice versa.
Family: Wife Jeanie, 2 children, Colleen & Brendan. Parents Leo & Noreen Murphy are from Castletownbere, Co. Cork. 4 siblings: 3 sisters and a brother.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Success depends not on know-how as much as commitment. When negotiating, start with the premise that you CAN get what you want. 80 perent of success is showing up (Woody Allen).
Best advice you could give someone starting out: You are the author of your life, so make it interesting. And you can always start a new chapter.
The most important thing for a business success is: Follow your passion and never give up.

biography – Sean Murphy is the founder and publisher of MurphGuide.com, an entertainment website devoted to NYC nightlife events. For the past 15 years, MurphGuide.com has promoted thousands of events in NYC, from local musicians to major touring acts, Since 1997 (before Google), “Murph” was an early adapter in promoting events and small businesses online. MurphGuide grown a loyal following of New Yorkers and international visitors looking for fun things to do in NYC. This on-line community meets also meets in the real world at events promoted on MurphGuide.com

Tess CaseyTess-Casey-jpg

Age: 56
Place of birth: Cork City, Ireland
Business: Aisling Flowers
First established: 1991
Employees: Varies on any given day 2 to 20 to freelancers
Where you live: Rifton, New York and New York City
First job: Family Business
What it taught me: A loyal customer base comes from sharing a few laughs along the way and being a good listener.
Family: Michael DiPleco, husband.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: Be yourself.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Start small aim big.
The most important thing for a business success is: Listening to the client and paying attention to the details.

biography – Designer to the TV and Movie industry. Went to the Crawford School of Art in Cork, the London School of Floristry. Started the TV world with “As The World Turns” and had as a account for 18 years until it went off the air. Designed for studios such as Warner Brothers, 20 Century Fox, MTV, Home Box office, NBC and shows and movies including “Sex and the City,” “Devil Wears Prada,” “Twilight,” “Boardwalk Empire,” Blue Bloods, “Person Of Interest,” “Elementary,” and “Nurse Jackie.” Corporate clients include Michelin, Clinton Global Initiative, Time Inc., Hasbro, and General Atlantic.

Thomas G. DevineThomas-G-Devine-jpg

Age: 48
Place of birth: Teaneck, NJ
Business: Midlantic Medical Systems, Inc.
First established: 2005
Employees: 10 including sales and support staff
Where you live: Montgomery, NJ
First job: United States Marine Corps – Captain.
What it taught me: When a person is motivated properly, anything is possible.
Family: Mother (Leitrim) and Father (Donegal) met in NYC and had eight children in ten years. I am third oldest, and the oldest boy.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: You create your own destiny. Work hard and rise to the top. Be average, and accept average.
Best advice you could give someone starting out: There is a great deal of competition in the field you want into. Do your homework on the industry, use the tools around you, and soar past the majority that do not.
The most important thing for a business success is: Putting in long, hard hours early. Do this for several years, then reap what you sow. Put yourself in your customers’ place. Treat them as you would expect to be treated.

biography – Midlantic Medical Systems specializes in providing surgical implants for spine pathologies which may include degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, trauma-related injuries or tumors. We provide these technologies to the adult and pediatric spine population, and have access to some of the most innovative products on the market.

Thomas J. McGrath, Jr.Thomas-J.-McGrath-jpg

Age: 54
Place of birth: Wilkes-Barre, PA
Business: McGrath Medical Associates
First established: 1981
Employees: 3
Where you live: Shavertown, PA
First job: Changing tires in a tire store during high school.
What it taught me: It was hard work but not the kind of hard work I wanted to do for the rest of my life!
Family: Oldest of five children, of Florence and the late Thomas J. McGrath, Sr. My wife Deborah, of 31 years, andI are the proud parents of 3 sons, Thomas, 22, a Senior at King’s College, Patrick, 19, playing his second year in the Canadian Hockey League, and Christopher, 15, a freshman at Holy Redeemer High School in Wilkes-Barre.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: My late father gave me the best advice anyone ever has, “Go thru life with as few bosses as possible, and have strong Faith.”
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Get yourself a solid education, and get involved in your community at an early stage of your career. Volunteering will be a fantastic part of your life.
The most important thing for a business success is: Integrity, Responsibility, and Honesty, You are only as good as your word! Taking total responsibility for your actions. Being honest and forthright in everything you do. Try and get 30 hours out of every day.

biography – My company has been responsible for the implantation of over 20,000 cardiac pacemaker and defibrillators over the past 32 years. Our group has a combined 92 years of experience in the medical device field. I am a member of several board of directors, such as, American Heart Association of NEPA, Blue Cross of NEPA, W-B Family YMCA Trustees, Magowan School of Business @ King’s College, Chairman of The Luzerne County Hospital & Education Authority, the Wyoming Valley Children’s Assoc., PA State Police Camp Cadet, and the Luzerne Foundations Founder’s Circle. I am a current member of The University of Pittsburgh’s Chancellor’s Circle, the University of Notre Dame’s Edward Frederick Sorin Society, a Level Five USA Hockey Coach, Head Coach of Holy Redeemer High School Ice Hockey Team, AOH St. John Neumann Division II, and a Paul Harris Fellow Recipient of Rotary International.

Timothy CroninTimothy-Cronin-jpg

Age: 40
Place of birth: Norwalk, Connecticut
Business: Timmy Tattoo
First established: 2006
Employees: I’m lucky to have some great artists on staff. Gin Hicks, Luke LoPorto, Jesse Bink and Sara Antoinette Martin.
Website: www.timmytattoo.com
Where you live: Brooklyn, New York
First job: Stockboy in a supermarket
What it taught me: I learned not to lay around the house on weekends.
Family: Wife Margaret, two daughters Finnuala 4, Saoirse 1.
Best advice anyone ever gave you: My Uncle would always say “take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.”
Best advice you could give someone starting out: Instead of focusing on success focus on today. The rest will come in time.
The most important thing for a business success is: Treat people how I would like to be treated. Listen to your customers

biography – Getting a Tattoo (or not getting one) is a very personal decision. I Pride my business on being able listen to my customers and help them get the best art for their money in a friendly atmosphere.

Cormach MurrihyCormach-Murrihy-jpg

Business: United Structural Works, Inc.

biography – United Structural Works, Inc. has an established reputation for quality and professionalism on worksites in the Tri-State area. Strong relationships with employees, vendors, and customers have allowed United Structural Works -a leader in structural steel fabrication and field erection – to grow in a shrinking economy.
Cormach Murrihy was a successful project manager in Manhattan who felt launching his own company would be the best use of his talents. Talking his aspirations over with his boss at the time, he was encouraged to start the venture and assured he had a job to come back to if it didn’t work out. “It was a scary prospect to leave a good-paying job to strike out on my own, but I was ready to take the leap,” says Murrihy. “The construction business was busy at the time, and I was starting a niche business, doing specialty work without a lot of competition. United Structural Works is much bigger than I dreamed it would be when planning the company in my basement.”

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