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DV-2000 Visa Lottery Application Guide

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Official Application Period

Your application for the visa lottery must arrive at the correct post office address between Noon (EST) on Thursday, Oct. 1, 1998 and Noon (EST) on Saturday, Oct. 31, 1998.

Any application that arrives before or after this time period will be void.

Official Application Address

Send your completed application to:

DV-2000 Program

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National Visa Center

Portsmouth, NH 00212

(Note: Natives of Ireland and Northern Ireland should use 00212, even if living in the U.S.).

To apply you must type or print clearly the following information on a plain sheet of paper. (You can also use a form like the sample on the back of this page).

Your full name, with surname underlined as follows:

Last (Underlined), First, Middle

Your date and place of birth

Name, date, place of birth of your spouse and children under 21 years and unmarried, if applicable.

Your current mailing address. This may be in the United States or abroad. If you are currently out-of-status, or expect to be, please call (718) 478-5502 before completing your application.

Your native country

(write this info only if different from country of birth)

You must sign your application

You must provide a recent 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch photograph of yourself with your name clearly printed in black capitals on the back of the photo.

The photo must be attached to the upper right hand corner of your application. Attach two edges of the photo with clear tape. Do NOT use staples or paper clips. You are not required to include photographs of your spouse and children.

Things to Remember

Only one application is allowed per person. More than one application will lead to automatic disqualification.

Each spouse can submit their own applications.

You may mail it from within the United States.

The application must be typed or clearly printed and must be sent by regular first class mail. Any application submitted by hand, telegram, fax, or my means requiring a receipt, will be disqualified.

The envelope must be between 6 inches and 10 inches in length and between 3.5 and 4.5 inches in width.

Each envelope must contain only one application.

Remember to use the correct zip code for your region of the world. (See above)

Applicant’s native country refers to the country where you were born. You may, however, claim the country of birth of your spouse or the country of birth of either parent if you were born in a country of which neither of your parents was a native or a resident at the time of your birth.

A dependent child (under 21) may also claim the country of birth of either parent. Call EIIC (718) 478-5502 if you have any further queries.

You will only be notified if you are selected.

Winners will be notified between April and July 1999.

* The above is a limited version of guidelines issued by the Emerald Isle Immigration Center.

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