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Eating his way through Ireland

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Need proof? Well, “People” magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive has learned — the hard way — the truth of that old adage: “A moment on the lips — a lifetime on the hips.”
Pierce’s moment of truth came when he spent several months in Ireland during the filming of his new film, “Evelyn.” Even though he had a personal trainer on call, the actor found it hard to resist temptation.
“I was filming in Ireland, so there was the pub thing,” Brosnan said. “I thought, ‘f*** it and enjoy the Guinness.’ ” Well, they do say it gives you strength.
The only hitch for the Navan man was that he was slated to begin work on “Die Another Day” right after wrapping up work on “Evelyn.”
“If I do another Bond, I’ll try not to do it after spending time in Ireland,” laughed Brosnan. “I love pubs, and being Irish, one does not shy away from a pint or two.” Or three.
Pierce’s concern with his figure is not just about vanity. He needs to stay in top physical shape in order to get through the 007 stunts. Hey, it’s not easy wrestling with those Bond girls.

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