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Echo editorial: The opening round

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

But even if the immigration issue is controversial we have a right to expect that the opening words of the great 2006 reform debate will be convivial.
But below the surface, however, there are stark differences of view on an issue that is not clearly delineated by party affiliation.
What emerges from the debate, and, crucially, whether or not a form of earned legalization takes hold, will depend to a critical degree on the ability of senators from both parties to work together in the greater interest of the nation.
That interest clearly demands greater security at the borders. It does not demand the wholesale eviction of millions of hard working people.
The Judiciary panel has 18 members. Ten of them, led by the veteran Arlen Specter, are on the GOP side. Eight of the members, led by Patrick Leahy, make up the Democratic contingent.
There are interesting combinations and dynamics in play when all 18 members are in a room together.
Senators Cornyn and Kyl, Republicans both, have their own bill, a rival to McCain/Kennedy.
Ted Kennedy and his GOP colleague Sam Brownback have worked together on immigration in the past. Indeed, the Kansas Republican is a co-sponsor of the McCain/Kennedy bill as his fellow committee member, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.
Charles Schumer sits on the committee and he pretty well revealed his hand on the reform issue when he spoke at a recent ILIR meeting in New York.
Overall, the Judiciary panel amounts to an experienced bunch of legislators. And that is to be welcomed because what they are faced with this week, and in the days ahead, is no less than deciding the outcome of the dreams of millions.
We wish them well in their deliberations.

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