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New & Noteworthy: Andrea to sing Bono’s song

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Those of you with long memories will recall that the trio first joined forces on another Jim Sheridan film, the Oscar-winning “In the Name of the Father.” Among other pieces, they penned the haunting ballad “[You Made Me the] Thief of Your Heart,” which was sung by Sinead O’Connor. We hear that Bono, in particular, was eager to work with Sheridan again.
“Bono saw the film and was blown away by it,” Gavin wrote on his official website, www.gavinfriday.com. “He wanted to work with us and something happened, organically.”
Well, we’re not sure about the organic part (unless he’s referring to the type of fertilizer that usually gets spread around to facilitate the deal-making process), but we did hear good things about the film. Gavin says that the songwriters tried to match the song to the mood of the film.
“It’s very poetic, very romantic,” he said. “[It’s] very vulnerable and naked. It’s a beautiful song.”
In related news, we hear that the only remaining unmarried Corr sister is really a Method actress at heart. The alluring Andrea has been spending a lot of time soaking up the atmosphere (and, we’re sure, the odd beverage) in Belfast’s traditional music pubs in preparation for her role in “The Great Ceili War.” And, in what must have been a welcome change of pace for the pretty singer, no one paid any attention to her.
“People don’t mob you or treat you like a star [in Belfast],” she said.
“”I was literally walking into these very old-fashioned bars and just blending in with everyone else,” marveled Andrea. “It was a great experience.”

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