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New & Noteworthy Dervla collars a new love

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Eileen Murphy

Don’t worry, kids. Assumpta’s alive and well and has gotten over that whole priest thing. Those of you who’ve been up nights worrying about the state of Dervla Kirwan’s love life ever since she and fiancé/costar Stephen Tompkinson broke up — well, it’s time to catch up on your beauty sleep.

The Irish actress, who shot to fame as the sultry publican with, shall we say, a vested interest in the clergy on the hit show "Ballykissangel," has a new boyfriend and a new outlook on life.

"He’s a wonderful man," she said of British actor Darren Boyd. "I’m glad I found the courage to go for it all over again."

Dervla was reportedly heartbroken a couple of years ago when she and Tompkinson called off their engagement. The two had met on the set of BallyK, and the pair’s off-screen romance added an extra dimension to their characters’ onscreen love story. Both left the show after the third season in what fans will recall as an electrifying manner (OK, bad pun, but keep the groans to yourselves, right?) The pair announced wedding plans, but career stuff kept them apart (think Tom and Nicole) and, eventually, the relationship came to an end.

"It was really upsetting when Stephen and I split up after four and a half years," recalled Dervla. "I felt terrified and vulnerable and a big failure because I’d been so deeply in love with the man."

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Anyway, back to the future, or to the present, at any rate. Stephen’s in another relationship and just became a daddy. Dervla and Boyd have been together for a year, and it’s smooth sailing so far.

"I spent New Year’s Day with a big bottle of champagne and my man," she said. Hey, it sure beats pulling pints in Fitzgerald’s, anyway.

Money for nothing

Ever wonder how much pop stars make?

Well, according to the Irish Star newspaper, the answer is, not very much. Sorry to burst yer bubbles.

Of course, big acts like U2, the Corrs, the Cranberries and Enya rake in huge piles of dough-re-mi — because in addition to being wonderful acts, they write all their own material.

"Composers’ and performance royalties generate the biggest revenue for music stars," an recording industry insider revealed to the Star newspaper.

In rough terms, these royalties equal 10 percent of the album’s wholesale price, plus hefty fees when the song is performed live or played on the radio.

Thus, a band like U2, which writes all its own stuff (mostly because, as Bono admitted years ago, he couldn’t sing anyone else’s) might as well print their own money at this point. The band members are worth an estimated £80 million each. And with their portfolio of hits and distinctive instrumental riffs, it seems like it’ll be raining pennies from heaven until the end of the world. In fact, we can’t help wondering if MTV is capable of doing a promo that doesn’t sample one of Edge’s guitar flourishes. They used to use "Mysterious Ways," and now, constantly, the final chords of "Beautiful Day." Not that we’re complaining.

On the other end of the scale are the bands like girl group B*Witched, who don’t write their material.

"B*Witched did great with four No. 1 singles, but their single sales didn’t translate into album sales," said the source.

Unfortunately, singles are basically "a promotional tool for the album," said the source. Artists are "grateful to break even on any single."

But where the girl and boy bands can cash in is merchandising.

"Acts like Westlife make an extra £7-£10 per head on T-shirts, posters and general merchandising at each show," estimated the source. Doesn’t sound like much at first, but it all adds up. The Westies’ current 55-date UK tour could net them a cool £2.5 million in merchandising alone. That kind of dough buys an awful lot of acne cream, you know.

Speaking of Westlife’s tour, the boys have dubbed it the "No stools tour." No, it has nothing to do with fiber — the boys plan to stay on their feet for the whole show.

"We’re calling this the ‘no stools tour’ because we’re not sitting down on them," explained Shane. "We’re dancing with gorgeous girls."

"We’ve got our own personal trainers who help us work out two hours a day to stay fit for the tour," Nicky told the News of the World.

"I’m so nervous my legs won’t stop shaking," added Kian. To which we can only add, hey, it worked for Elvis.

Hanging on the telephone

Obviously, the answer to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" is a resounding "We do!" Just ask Eircom.

The Irish telephone giant has been the unwitting beneficiary of an avalanche of phone calls to the popular TV show’s 1550 contestant line. The calls cost 58p per minute from land lines and 85p from cell phones. The only problem is, the show is on hiatus and is not taking any contestants at the moment.

According to the Sunday World, this comes as something of a surprise to the would-be competitors, who were inspired to call after RTE ran TV promos looking for "Millionaire" contestants.

"I rang on my mobile after hearing the ad yesterday on RTE radio," said annoyed Sligoman John McMichael. "It costs a bomb.

"When I did get through, Gaybo’s voice on the other end said, ‘Thanks for calling, but the "Millionaire" series has ended for this season,’ " fumed McMichael. " ‘Details of when its back up will be announced in press and radio.’ "

Though callers are frothing over being charged for the calls, Eircom is staying out of the fray.

"Once you get into a 1550 number [the Irish equivalent of a 900 number], you are automatically charged 58p," said a spokesperson. Which means you’re at least half a punt further from being a . . . well, you know.

Filming set to being on Bloody Sunday movie

Cameras will start rolling nest week as the filming of Jim Sheridan’s long-awaited movie about the Bloody Sunday massacre gets under way in Dublin and Derry.

The film will star actor James Nesbitt as civil rights activist Ivan Cooper. Nesbitt is best known for his work on "Ballykissangel" and "Saving Ned Devine." In addition, the director is hoping that thousands of ordinary people will turn up to work as extras in some pivotal crowd scenes.

Since the film is set in the early 1970s, Sheridan is asking that extras come dressed in dark colors. The Sunday World reports that producers are asking people to avoid wearing brightly colored clothing or flashy sneakers.

"It’s a small budget [£4 million] for such an ambitious project, so we need a lot of support from the people to make it work," said producer Paul Myler.

Sheridan is serving as executive producer on the film, which will be directed by award-winning director Paul Greengrass. The movie will hit cinemas next year, to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.

We’ve Corr-nered the market

One of the hottest tickets for St. Patrick’s weekend is the Corrs gig at Radio City Music Hall on Friday, March 16.

The sultry singing siblings — whose supermodel looks are rivaled only by their soaring harmonies and terrific songwriting ability — have taken America by storm over the last 12 months with their latest album, "In Blue," which has spawned the monster hit, "Breathless."

Well, they’re superstars now, but the kids from Dundalk, Co. Louth, haven’t forgotten the longtime fans who helped put them on the map.

We’re giving away three pairs of tickets to see The Corrs in concert!

Three lucky readers (and their three very lucky friends) will get to see The Corrs work their magic at their only New York appearance. In addition to the pair of tickets, winners will receive a Corrs sweatshirt and a copy of the band’s current CD, "In Blue." Seven runners-up will receive a copy of the CD.

To enter, send a postcard with your name, address and daytime phone number to: "I Want to See The Corrs!" c/o Irish Echo Newspaper, 309 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10016. You can fax the information to (212) 686-1756 or e-mail it to echoeditors@aol.com. Deadline is Friday, March 9, at 4 p.m. One entry per person, please. Any more than that leaves us breathless.

Shane MacGowan & The Popes to headline Irish Expo 2001

Hang on to your shamrock bedecked hats! Shane MacGowan and the Popes will headline The Viper Ball, which promises to be the biggest rock ticket in town this St. Patrick’s Day. The Viper ball is part of Irish Ecpo 2001, which includes the IBO Exhibition at Roseland on Thursday, March 15, and the Irish Bartenders Ball at Webster Hall on Monday, March 19.

The Viper Ball takes place on Saturday, March 17 at 4 p.m. at Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St., NYC. Thirty bands will rock the house, Annie Minogue, Pop Mafia, Dry Heavers, Friday’s Child and Surrey Lane among the bands appearing on the hall’s four stages. Music continues through midnight.

And, since the only people who keep the worldwide party rolling on the day itself – bartenders and waitstaff – will be working on St. Patrick’s Day, Viper Ball organizers have put together a special Irish Bartenders Ball, which will take place while everyone else is nursing hangovers — on Monday, March 19, at Webster Hall. Many of the acts from the Viper Ball, including Shane MacGowan and The Popes, will appear at the Bartenders extravaganza as well. Music starts at 7:30 p.m. and continues until 4:00 a.m. And as an added treat for the ladies, the show will feature the hunky Chippendales dance troupe (and yes, we’d like fries with that side of beefcake!)

The Irish Expo 2001 is sponsored by Murphys USA, Labatts USA, irishabroad.com, IBO, HMV, Insanity and WFUV. Tickets to the Viper Ball and the Irish bartenders Ball are $40, and are available through Ticketmaster (212) 307-7171, at Webster Hall (212) 604-4804 or through the Expo’s website, www.irishexpo2001.com.

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