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New & Noteworthy: Posh’s pals gobble goblets

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Eileen Murphy

We’ve got Posh Spice on the brain these days, thanks to her recent swanky, pinkie-in-the-air Irish wedding. If newspaper reports are to be believed, it seems that the newly spliced Spice bride has quite a few light-fingered Louies among her nearest and dearest.

It seems that when Posh, aka Victoria Adams, married David Beckham on the grounds of Luttrelstown Castle near Dublin, no expense was spared. A huge white tent was pitched, the finest caterers were engaged, cases of fine wine were put on ice or left out in the sun (we’re never sure what to do with fine wine). Top-of-the-line everything was trucked in: comfy chairs, bone china, linen napkins, etc. And, since you can’t sip Dom Perignon out of Flintstones glasses, Posh provided solid silver goblets for the guests to drink out of.

We’re sure that you can see where this is going. Many of the well-heeled guests were charmed by the lovely metal cups, and figured that they would make nifty souvenirs. The upshot was that when the night was over, 75 of the goblets had done a runner, much to Vicky’s chagrin. It seems that the goblets cost a few thousand dollars. Each. And on the off-chance that some of her guests are reading this: she’s like them back, please (the goblets, not the guests). Pronto.

“If anyone has them, please give them back,” pleaded the new Mrs. Beckham. “You can keep the velvet napkin rings,” she added generously.

Now, we know that nobody likes a Monday morning quarterback, but, really, Posh, would it have killed you to use Dixie Cups? They come in all kinds of colors, and the convenient 16-oz. tumbler size would have been perfect for those champagne-chugging contests that are the highlight of any really elegant society ‘do.

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Oh, and confidential to Victoria: We saw the pictures of your wedding in OK! Magazine, and everything looked really nice. You and David looked like you stepped off the top of a wedding cake, and from what we could see, none of the groomsmen were wearing those “Risky Business” shades or lip-synching to “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll.” But, sweetie, velvet napkin rings? At a summer wedding? To quote the Byrds (via the Bible): “To everything/(turn, turn, turn)/There is a season . . .”

The Bible, according to Bono

Anyone worrying that the church is losing its influence in Ireland need look no further than the country’s music elite for a bit of that old time religion.

First, and most famously, you have Sinead O’Connor and her notoriously volatile relationship with Catholicism. O’Connor’s actions have ranged from ripping up a picture of the pope on American television to taking holy orders and becoming a priest named Mother Bernadette Mary. Next, you have U2 frontman Bono, whose strong commitment to Christianity has manifested itself in many of the band’s songs, from “40” to “Sunday Bloody Sunday” to “Wake Up, Dead Man.”

Now Bono is taking the plunge into religious commentary. In an upcoming paperback edition of the King James Bible from Grove/Atlantic Press, the singer weighs in with an introduction to the Book of Psalms. Specifically, Bono confesses to a lifelong obsession with psalm writer, giant-slayer and, apparently, early rock and roll-model King David.

“At age 12 I was a fan of David,” Bono confesses in his essay. “He felt familiar . . . like a pop star could feel familiar. The words of the psalms were as poetic as they were religious and he was a star . . . the Elvis of the Bible.”

Now, we shouldn’t quibble, but as much as we love Elvis, that particular King didn’t write songs, so David’s at least one up on him there. Bono goes on to praise David’s physical beauty (as interpreted by Michaelangelo) though he questions certain physical attributes on the statue that don’t sit easily with David’s Jewish heritage, if you catch our drift. But then, longtime readers will recall Bono’s — well, we won’t say obsession — preoccupation with matters below the belt. Anyone remember the rather naughty self-portrait that he donated for a charity art auction a couple of years ago?

And just in case you thought that it’s only rock stars who are writing intros in this edition of the Bible, there are also contributions from “Ragtime” author E.L. Doctorow (Genesis) and “How the Irish Saved Civilization” author Thomas Cahill (Gospel according to Luke). To quote Luke Kelly, “Glory-o, hand me down me Bible.”

(G) String theory

Acting is obviously one of those jobs that’s tougher than it looks.

Take, for example, poor Renee Russo. It seems that when she and co-star Pierce Brosnan were filming their steamy love scenes for “The Thomas Crown Affair,” the director ordered them to wear skimpy g-string undies. The actors weren’t thrilled, but hey, a job’s a job (and they don’t have to ask if you’d like fries with that) so off came the clothes and on went the floss.

Limbs were artistically arranged, hair tousled, the whole works. Then the director explained that he wanted to “cut the strings” and tuck them — we don’t even want to know where. But Renee wasn’t born yesterday.

“That’s the only thing that’s between me and Pierce — this tiny little teeny-weeny string and he wants to cut it!” she fumed to the New York Post.

But, at heart, Renee’s a practical gal.

“At the end of the day you just take it off and do it,” she sighed. “It’s so uncomfortable.” But of course, that’s why they pay her the big bucks.


Just a reminder: The Cranberries will play Jones Beach next Saturday, Aug. 14, and some tickets are still available. Ditto for Hothouse Flowers at Irving Plaza on Tuesday, Aug. 17. As an added bonus at the Flowers show, local faves The Prodigals are the opening act. Don’t call us — call Ticketmaster at (212) 307-7171.

Saw “The Blair Witch Project” over the weekend, and if you’re wondering whether it’s really scary, let’s just say, no more camping for us — we’re still sleeping with the lights on. Interesting Irish angle: the titular character supposedly emigrated from Ireland in the 17th century. According to the legend, she was branded a witch and banished to the woods during the coldest winter ever. Understandably ticked off, she began, er, wreaking havoc on the neighbors. Talk about an Irish temper.

Despite a mauling from critics, whose reviews of “The Haunting” were far scarier than anything in the movie, the Liam Neeson horror-flick earned a respectable $15.1 million last weekend. This puts it in fourth place behind “Runaway Bride,” “The Blair Witch Project” and “Deep Blue Sea.” The film has made $63.8 million so far, and if you add that to the $408.6 million that “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” has beamed up, well, it seems Liam’s the king of the box office for the foreseeable future. Maybe he should try to trademark his name like that other movie moneymaker, Leo DiCaprio . . .

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