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New & Noteworthy: Tom’s the dictionary definition of happy?

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The Aussie actress, whom Cruise dumped in 2001, just weeks before their 10-year anniversary, told Ireland Online that she hopes her former spouse finds happiness with starlet squeeze Katie Holmes.
Yes, really. Oh, don’t be so cynical.
The “Bewitched” star is anxious to see Tom settle down, if only for the sake of their children, Isabella, 12, and Conor, 10. Before hooking up with the 26-year-old “Dawson’s Creek” cutie, actor had been dating a string of actresses, including Penelope Cruz.
“I hope he’s happy; it’s that simple,” said Nicole. “If he’s happy, our kids are happy.”
As for harboring any lingering bitterness towards her ex, Nicole sets the record straight.
“It’s been years,” she said firmly. “We’ve moved on.”
In more Tom news, the web site Urbandictionary.com has added a phrase to its lexicon in honor of the actor’s recent appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show. Apparently, “jump the couch” — which Tom did while expressing his feelings for Katie Holmes — is “The defining moment when you know someone has gone off the deep end.” Hmmm . . . it’s not far off “jump the shark,” which is the defining moment when a television show has lost the plot.

Art doesn’t always imitate art
In the 007 movies, Irish actor Pierce Brosnan could leap out of airplanes, scale mountains and battle crazies bent on world domination without ruffling a single hair on his well-coiffed head. But ask him to exhibit a few of his paintings, and the macho star turns into a chain-smoking wreck.
The James Bond star admitted to suffering an attack of nerves recently, after a neighbor approached him about contributing some artwork to an exhibition. Pierce is as community-minded as the next superstar celebrity, but he fretted that the paintings — of his late wife, Cassandra Harris, and his current wife, Keely Shay-Smith — revealed an intensely private side of him.
“[It was] something I said I would never do,” he told Ireland Online. But with Keely’s encouragement, he finally agreed to show his work. But Pierce found the experience more hair-raising than any celluloid acting sequence.
At the opening of the exhibition in Santa Monica, the actor “bummed at least four cigarettes in a row,” he admitted. “[It was] due to nerves.”

A model of composure
Viewed in the correct light, this next item’s a two-fer: British ing

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