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New & NoteworthySorry, girls . . .Ronan’s married!

February 15, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Eileen Murphy

That wailing sound you hear, followed by the snapping of bubblegum and the gnashing of teef, is no cause for alarm. It’s just the sound of teenage girls throughout the world (but especially in Ireland) dealing with the recent marriage of their most bestest, handsomest, tunefullest heartthrob, Ronan Keating, lead singer of the Spice Boyz (whoops! make that BoyZone).

The cute-as-a-button Dublin crooner, as well known for his blond locks and dreamy blue eyes as he is for his inoffensive vocal stylings, tied the knot with – surprise! – a lovely blonde model named Yvonne Connelly. The pair jetted off to the Caribbean for a combination wedding and honeymoon trip, and according to Ronan, plan “a big party with our family and friends when we get back home.” Well, we’ll be checking our mailbox every day waiting for that invitation.

In more BoyZone news, Boy Stephen is reportedly veree disappointed with the powers that be over at Walt Disney Productions. It seems that the lad recorded a song, “Shooting Star,” for the studio’s animated flick “Hercules.” The song was scheduled to play during the film’s final credits, and Stephen happily promoted the film and his song in the press.

Fast forward a couple of months. The video hits the stores, like all Disney vids, with a great deal of fanfare. Stephen saves up his allowance to buy himself a souvenir copy (what, you were expecting a freebie? puh-leez!). Scampers home with the tape and shoves it into his VCR. Sits through the not-terribly-terrific rendering of Greek mythology “lite.” Gets to the credits. Takes a deep breath (all the better to sing along). And then – horror of horrors! – hears American wailer Michael Bolton’s voice. Singing Stephen’s song. Whatinthenameogod . . . ?

It seems that Disney was taking no chances with their multimillion dollar film. The company had Michael Bolton record the song for the U.S. release, Ricky Martin for South America, and Stephen for Europe. The video, to Stephen’s chagrin, contains the Bolton version of the song.

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Understandably ticked off (actually, he says he feels “gutted”), Stephen is urging loyal BoyZone fans “who bought the video for my song to bring it back and demand a refund.” Hey – we’d demand a refund just for having to sit through Bolton’s whinging.

Rosie fans should thank . . .


Those of you who eschew (which means avoid like the plague) Jerry Springer’s daily sleazefest – though how one can tire of watching shows pitting transvestite ballerinas against their boyfriends’ mistresses is beyond us – will want to remember him in your orisons anyhoo. For tis he, and he alone, who will bring you fresh Rosie O’Donnell shows all summer long.

Yes, we see the big question mark over your head, so let us explain. It seems that Springer’s freak show, which even he admits if “the stupidest show on television,” has garnered huge ratings. And though Rosie’s extremely secure in her morning slot, she’s making sure not to lose any of her audience during July and August. The New York Post reports that O’Donnell, who took last summer off and plans to do the same this year, is working like a demon at the moment, taping enough shows to see her fans through the warm weather.

So, c’mon – everyone together: “Thanks, Jerry.” And look – hell hasn’t even frozen over. Yet.

The tale of the phone

This week, London’s News of the World reveals details of the phone conversation between the late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence and his nemesis, Irish rocker Bob Geldof. You will recall that Sir Bob’s ex-wife, Paula Yates, has been busy blaming him for the Aussie singer’s suicide.

Though Geldof has not spoken out publicly, the paper reports that he has told friends what was said during the final phone call from Hutchence. Geldof (allegedly) quotes the other man telling him, “Your #$%^& children hate you, man, I’m their father, little man, when are you going to realize that?” Geldof reportedly hung up the phone when his eldest daughter (unfortunately named Fifi Trixibelle) arrived home from school.

Meanwhile, Yates is playing the tragic widow, insisting that she and Hutchence were thisclose to tying the knot before he died. And she’s calling Bob all sorts of rude names in the press. Which must be very comforting for the children.

No friendly skies for Minnnie

Well, Minnie Driver has certainly come a long way from being “that plump article” in the endearing movie “Circle of Friends.” She has lost tons of weight, dates plenty of Hollywood hunks, and has been nominated for an Oscar for her role in “Good Will Hunting.” Unfortunately, Driver seems to have developed a star-sized ego to go along with her newly prominent status.

We hear that during an American Airlines flight last week, Driver became enraged when she saw that her name was not included in the credits for the flight’s showing of “Hunting.” She reportedly berated the flight attendants so severely that two of the women burst into tears.


We hear that TV’s sexiest doc, George Clooney, has been spotted about town with his girlfriend, Frenchwoman Celine Baltran. They were having a bite at the ever-so-trendy NYC restaurant, Asia de Cuba.

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