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Not the marrying kind

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

By Eileen Murphy

We sure hope Bob Geldof’s current girlfrind, French actress Jeanne Marine, isn’t hoping to find an engagement ring in her box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day. The Irish rocker, philanthropist and media mogul, who’s best known as the organizer of Live Aid, says he’s not looking to get married again. In fact, he says, he wasn’t too keen on it the first time around.

The former Boomtown Rat told ShowbizIreland.com that “the Knighthood thing” was the impetus for his first — and presumably last — wedding. Apparently, the idea of being Lady Geldof was irresistable to his then-girlfriend, Paula Yates.

“[She] was always mad to get married,” recalled Geldof.

“So I said, ‘OK, let’s go out to Las Vegas . . .’ and it was great fun. It was a good day. But I’m not sure if I would put myself in such emotional hock again.”

Geldof’s marriage to Yates ended abruptly when she fell in love with INXS rocker Michael Hutchence, who was found hanged in an Australian hotel room a few years back. Last year, Yates died from drug overdose. Their daughter Tiger Lily lives in London with Geldof and her sisters.

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The notoriously cranky Geldof insists that he sees no reason to go through the whole “until death do us part” thing.

“I do not need any love sanctioned by a god or a state,” he grumbled.

And though Jeanne won’t be picking out bridal gowns anytime soon, Bob says that kids are a possibility.

“We could talk about the touchy subject of children . . . ” said Geldof. “But we could be on to another thing altogether.”

Corr blimey! Jim’s the sexiest

His three sisters usually get the lion’s share of the attention, but that doesn’t mean that Jim Corr fades into the wallpaper. Proving that the gods were even-handed when it came to dishing out good looks to his family, the manly fourth of Ireland’s most photogenic pop band has been voted the country’s sexiest man.

Corr edged out Hollywood heartthrob Colin Farrell to take top honors in Dublin last Saturday night. Also on the list were DJ Gerry Ryan, and actors Don Wycherley and Jimmy Nesbitt. Interestingly, Farrell, Wycherley and Nesbitt all appeared, at one time, on “Ballykissangel.” Must have been something in the water down in Avoca.

Now, we’re not saying there was any bias, but it should be pointed out that Corr’s girlfriend, former Miss Ireland Andrea Roche, was a member of the judging committee. But, having interviewed him twice in the last two years, we can personally testify to Corr’s good looks. And that Jimmy Nesbitt is a bit of all right, too.

Sarah and Matthew: Donegal hideaway

Amid tabloid reports that they’re going through a rocky patch in their marriage, “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker and “Producers” star Matthew Broderick seem to be having a lovely vacation in Ireland. The couple has been holed up in their new cottage on a small island off the coast of Donegal.

The Sunday People newspaper published pictures of the home, for which the couple paid a reported $70,000. The actors spent most of their time at the cottage, emerging occasionally to shop for groceries in the nearby village of Kilcar.

Parker, in particular, seems as though she could be easily seduced by the easygoing pace of Irish country life. In fact, she says, she might be tempted trade in her Jimmy Choo stilettos for a ball of yarn and some knitting needles.

“Financially, Matthew and I do not have to work as hard as we do,” she says in next month’s Vogue magazine. “I feel I could learn to knit and earn a living in Ireland.”

Goodbye, Hello! for Nicky and Georgina?

You know the old saying: pop star see, pop star do. Well, it was never more true than now.

Hard on the heels of bandmate Brian McFadden’s nuptials last month, Westlife heartthrob Nicky Byrne has announced that he’s going to tie the knot with his sweetheart. Of course, in this case, the blushing bride to be is no mere pop star — she’s Georgina Ahern, daughter of An Taoiseach.

Byrne says that he and Georgina are committed to one another and will “definitely get around to it soon.” But the couple are not sure about following in Bryan’s footsteps, i.e., turning the whole thing into a Hello! magazine circus. Oops! We meant to say, exclusive.

“A lot of people have said to us you would be mad not to as it is a lot of money,” Nicky said.

“But, I just look at all the hassle Bryan had . . . A wedding is a once in a lifetime thing.”

But, as Madonna once warbled, we are living in a material world. If the mag made an offer, Nicky says he might be tempted.

“If the money was right . . . maybe,” he said.

Posh shot at Westlife

The multi-talented Victoria Beckham, best remembered for wearing unflattering tube dresses and a haughty expression during her days as a Spice Girl, has announced that Irish pop band Westlife should just cop on to themselves. According to Posh, the boys will “never be on par” with her former band.

Now, to us, it’s like debating whether the Telletubbies could kick the arses of the Muppets, but Posh apparently takes this pop crown thing seriously.

“I know Westlife are a massively successful band,” she told Worldpop.com. “But I don’t think they could ever compare themselves with the Spice Girls.”

Victoria obviously believes that the Girls were visionaries — Promethean pioneers, if you will, bringing the flame of mediocre pop songsmithing to an eager public.

“We had a No. 1 record in America and all over the world,” she sniffed. “I don’t think Westlife have reached that level yet.”

No word on the guys’ reaction yet. But it’s understandable, since they’re busy, what with tours and TV appearances, just like the Spice Girls would be if they weren’t defunct. Whoops! We meant to say, on hiatus.

Hot Gigs

Laugh it up

In need of a giggle? Then you’re in luck, because some of Ireland’s top comedians, including Des Bishop, Jason Byrne, Michael Mee, Colin Murphy, Dara O’Briain and David O’Doherty, are in town for the Witty Fest, a -week long comedy marathon. It’s guaranteed to leave you w’k with laughter. All shows start at 8 p.m., except where noted: The Parlour, 86th Street and Broadway, NYC, Feb. 6-9; The Playwright, 49th Street and Broadway, NYC, Feb. 8; Rory Dolan’s, McLean Avenue, Yonkers, Feb. 6, 7 and 9; Gotham Comedy Club, 22nd Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, NYC, Feb. 9, at 6:30 p.m. The Gotham gig features a special guest appearance by Colin Quinn. We dare you to keep a straight face.

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