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Quiz: It happened at Christmastime

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

1862: He was born Cornelius McGillicuddy in Massaschusetts on this day — by what name was this sporting legend better known?
1916: Name the Welsh prison camp from which Easter Rising prisoners were released on this day.
1948: The former prime minister of what country was executed for war crimes today?
1968: The 82 sailors of what American ship were released by North Korea today?
1972: An earthquake in which Central American country killed an approximate 10,000 people?
1491: Name the founder of the religious order associated with Fordham, and several other American colleges that traditionally have had a strong Irish presence, born on this day.
1865: What secret society, which still exists in various forms, was founded on this day in Pulaski, Tenn.?
1906: When Dr. Reginald Fesseden spoke at Brant Rock, Mass., today, what historic “first” was achieved?
1943: Name the singer of Irish heritage who was riding high in the U.S. music charts with World War II favorite “I’ll be home for Christmas.”
1944: What was the popular name of the key World War II battle that was focused on the Belgian town of Bastogne?
1963: An New York area airport changed its name from what to what?
1968: Which Apollo mission made a live TV broadcast on this day during the first lunar orbit?
1984: Name the well-known “rat” who married into an Irish-American political clan who died today, aged 61.
1829: Bandsmaster Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore born in Ballygar, Co. Galway, wrote which popular American “marching” song.
1914: Games of which sport were played by soldiers in No Man’s Land during the “Christmas Truce” on the Western Front?
1948: The much-quoted William Claude Dukenfield — who said things such as: “Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people” — died today, aged 66. By what name was he better known?
1957: The bells rang out today when this rocker was born in London of Irish parentage.
1977: Name the screen legend, and son-in-law of a great Irish-American dramatist, who died on this day at age 88.
1989: The president of which East European country was executed, along with his wife, today following his capture and speedy trial.
1998: Name the New York-born Irish-American columnist who succumbed to cancer at age 41.
2002: Liam Neeson starred in what old New York-themed movie released today?
1776: Who won the battle of Trenton in New Jersey?
1917: In a wartime measure, the federal government took control of which key national system?
1943: Which Midwestern team won its third NFL title in four years by defeating the Washington Redskins?
1946: Name the Auburn, N.Y.-born, Irish-American actor who hosts a popular true-crime TV show, who was born on this day, and name the show.
1950: James Stephens, Dublin poet and novelist, who died today aged 68, wrote a famous eyewitness account of what historic event in his native city?
1961: Belfast actor John Lynch, who was born on this day, starred in the film version of a Bernard MacLaverty novel about the Troubles named what?
1932: What well-known New York entertainment venue, the brainchild of John D. Rockefeller, opened on this day?
1940: John Charles McQuaid began his long reign in what job?
1969: Name the Tipperary Fianna Fail TD, and author of the War of Independence memoir “My Fight for Irish Freedom,” who died at age 75.
1979: The Soviet Union invaded what country?
1983: What “priceless” medieval Irish treasure was given one,

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