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Rock-a-bye Robbie

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The hunky, tattooed pop star, whose ego landed in a $3.5 million Los Angeles mansion, has agreed to appear on an episode of “MTV Cribs.” He gave the camera crew free run of the house, including his boudoir (king size bed, ladies), swimming pool (heated, we presume) and formal dining room (where he ate Christmas dinner alone, poor lamb).
The biggest revelation is that Robbie is a lonely little puppy these days — which should be news to model gal pal Rachel Hunter, who seems to have been surgically attached to his, er, hip.
But Robbie insists that ’tis all too true.
“It would be great if I was handsome and could get girls,” he moans to the camera. “I can only imagine.”
In fact, the hottie insists, he sometimes finds it “difficult to make friends.” This will be news to the 80,000 rabid fans (including one of our colleagues), who will descend upon Slane Castle this summer to get the full Robbie.
It’s worth noting that, while Williams was able to sell out a venue as big as Slane in a matter of hours, he’s still considered a minor star in the U.S. pop constellation. His episode of “MTV Cribs” is, at present, slated only for MTV Europe. Go figure.

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