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Separated at birth?

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

So imagine the excitement when rumors spread that former “EastEnders” star (and ex-Spandau Ballet singer) Martin Kemp was wandering around Dublin’s Tallaght area during the Special Olympics.
Hey — excitement’s in the eye of the beholder, right?
Anyway, the story took a funny turn when Kemp fans — all three of them — pointed out that their hero couldn’t possibly be in Dublin. because, like, he was — right at that very moment — filming something or the other in England.
So who could the mystery hunk be? Who could aspire to Kemp’s crown? Who was this imposter, this doppelganger, this veritable clone? Why, none other than American TV star Dylan McDermott. Not to be mean, but dreamy Dylan’s similarity to Kemp begins and ends with the fact that they each have a set of XY chromosomes.
Dylan was, until recently, the star of the ABC series “The Practice” until producer David E. Kelly fired the hunky him, costar Lara Flynn Boyle and four other cast members. The actor traveled to Ireland for the Special Olympics to show his support for his good friends, the Shriver family, apparently unaware that he would be mistaken for the former Albert Square hard man. Perish the thought, mate.

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