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Sinead ends marriage to writer

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The couple met backstage at a concert and married three months later after a whirlwind courtship. But proving the truth of the old saying, “Marry in haste and repent at leisure,” the pair’s union was a stormy one from the start.
“The couple felt they rushed into getting married and the breakup has been very painful,” a source told the Sunday World.
“They were totally mismatched and wound up fighting like cats and dogs,” the insider continued. “They found they had nothing in common.”
One of the couple’s most serious clashes came when Sinead, 35, considered using a mildly racy shot of herself for the cover of her current album, “Sean Nos Nua.” Nick, 27, threatened to walk out if she didn’t keep her naughty bits under wraps. She agreed, but it didn’t make a difference. The union collapsed.
The experience has left the singer soured on the whole idea of marriage. The Sunday Independent quotes friends who say Sinead told them she’ll never marry again.
“It is like asking for trouble,” she [reportedly] said.

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