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The mystery of Harris’s ashes

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Following a memorial Mass over the weekend, which drew many of Harris’s friends from the entertainment industry, the actor’s family has announced that, in accordance with his last wishes, his ashes have been spread near his home on the sunny Caribbean island. But, as befits the man whose last role was that of a wizard in the “Harry Potter” movies, the exact circumstances of this dispersal are shrouded in mystery.
Rumors are rampant that Harris’s Bahamian request was just a smoke screen to prove that he was a resident there — which would shield his millions from Irish death taxes. Some believe that Harris’s mortal remains will be smuggled back into Limerick and distributed there, or perhaps at one of his other favorite spots, like Kilkee in Clare. But we think the smart money is on Harris indeed appearing in the remaining “Harry Potter” movies — as some sort of magic dust. (Yeah — like that’s so unbelievable.)

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