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This man is [on an] island

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

The hunky actor (and, OK, the missus) will spend the next few months living and working on Prince Edward Island in Canada.
The couple will be in town to film “The Rose and the Snake,” which was co-written by the actor’s wife, Rebecca Miller. She’s directing the film, and he’s starring in it, which makes the whole just a lovely family affair.
We’re happy that DDL has decided to pack in the cobbling apprenticeship (for the moment) and get back to making movies. Although we must confess, we were so freaked out by his mesmerizing performance as Bill the Butcher in “Gangs of New York,” we had to watch him in “Last of the Mohicans” — twice — to get back into the Dan-is-Dreamy state of mind. (We’ll bet Rebecca had to watch it three times just to fall asleep in the same room.)

The road to Morocco
He may be a Hothouse Flower, but he’s certainly no shrinking violet. And while you ponder just how long we’ve been waiting to use that particular phrase, we’ll tell you that HHF front man Liam O Maonlai is taking a leave of absence from his day job to appear in two upcoming movies. O Maonlai traveled to Morocco to play the part of a monk in “Timbuktu,” and then flew out to Boston to work on “The Busker.” And we’ll take it on faith that he showed up fresh as a daisy to both sets. And that very thing will be just rosy for him. (And that’s the end of the flower analogies.)

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