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Voteless, not clueless

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

This can be done without amending the Constitution. Initially those who have lived abroad for up to 10 years will be eligible. Our target is to have a voting system for emigrants in place by the year 2000.”
Eh, well, you know the way it is, things can get shoved aside in the rush, by other business and so forth.
Yes, we’re aware of that. But many Irish living overseas are aware of the fact that this general election week they have no say in the future of a country that itself is hugely dependent on events and decisions taken outside its immediate landmass.
An Irish citizen living in the Australian Outback can be as up to speed on domestic Irish issues as quickly as a citizen in Dublin or Kerry these days. Exile does not imply ignorance.
So why can’t expatriates vote, if not in D_il elections then at least in Senate contests or presidential elections? It’s a question worthy of an answer. But Fianna F_il has not been alone in having no clear response to give in this 2007 election year. This is more than just a pity.

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