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Why we honor

February 17, 2011

By Staff Reporter

But this is increasingly difficult in our tireless, wireless age. More and more each day the work of one is connected to the work of the other. And yet, ironically, we probably give less time and thought to the tasks performed by even those with whom we come into contact on a regular basis.
This is in part explained by the changing nature of that contact. We text, we email, we talk constantly on phones and through computers. We acknowledge, inform, criticize and praise one another without ever clapping eyes on each other.
This is why the Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles last weekend is really such a welcome throwback. All these ultra-busy stars and creators of movie miracles actually got together in a big room to say mostly good things about their fellows, at least when the cameras were rolling.
We might give the movie industry a hard time for lavishing praise on itself in such abundance before an audience that has already witnessed the work that has gone before, but we recognize the essential need in all of us to feel good about what it is we busy ourselves with, no matter what the job we daily, or nightly do.
The Echo’s 40 Under 40 awards, being presented this week at a gathering at the Manhattan Club in midtown Manhattan, is intended to point up the efforts of 40 men and women who have striven hard in their chosen careers, or in some cases the careers that chose them.
All our forty have distinguished themselves that little bit above the ordinary and everyday and all deserve to be noted and recognized. In the case of one, the late Michael Murphy, it was far more than just a little bit.
Because of these forty woman and men, others will see, follow, imitate and even surpass. And our world will be a little bit better as a result.

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