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Wins for Fiona’s, Lansdowne

February 16, 2011

By Staff Reporter

Fiona’s 6, Velocity 1

Fiona’s hit 6 for 1 in last weekend’s game. On ten minutes Fiona’s went forward with a ball from Carmel Aherne to Ann Ryan who turned her defender and scored 1-0 to Fiona’s.

On 20 minutes, Fiona’s’ players were still going forward and got a corner kick. Erin Treacy took it, met Amy Molloy who turned and scored, 2-0 to Fiona’s.

Velocity kept forward and on 23 minutes a ball from Laura Rizzo to Duffy Connolly who turned her defender and took a shot it went inches wide. Then on 30 minutes, Fiona’s went forward. Aisling Berrill got the ball and passed it to Amy Molloy who turned and scored her second, 3-0 to Fiona’s.

Fiona’s kept pressing forward and on 33 minutes Mary Melly gathered the ball in the forward line and scored, making it 4-0 for Fiona’s.

The second half started with Velocity going close with shots from Duffy Connolly, Julie Stiles, Regina Nejman. Then on 45 minutes, Laura Rizzo passed to Julie Stiles who turned her defender and scored, 4-1 to Fiona’s.

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Carmel Aherne received the ball on 30-yard line and lobbed the keeper 5-1 to Fiona’s. On 60 minutes, Fiona’s was still going forward with a scramble in the Velocity goalmouth. Aisling Berrill got a kick to it and it went inches wide. On 65 minutes, Fiona’s goalkeeper for the first half, Michelle Davis, made it 6-1 for Fiona’s.

Best for Fiona’s: Amy Molloy, Mary Melly, Carmel Aherne.

Best for Velocity: Duffy Connolly, Regina Nejman, Diana Usini.

Harps 1, Béal Bocht 1

On the kick-off, Beal Bocht went forward and started putting pressure on Harps. On two minutes Mary McEvoy took a shot on goal. It rebounded off Miriam Peters in the Harps net to Tricia Halloran who slotted the ball home, 1-0 to Beal Bocht.

The Harps went close with shots from Alyson Kaye and Mary Beth Gozlay. On 12 minutes Mary Beth Gozlay got the ball from Jennifer Terranova who went to the box but was fouled, resulting in a penalty for the Harps. Alyson Kaye took the shot and sent Breda O’Neill the wrong way, 1-1. The game was very tight from then until half-time score of 1-1.

The second half started with the Harps going forward. On 45 minutes Hillary Potkewitz went through for her shot to go inches wide. On 50 minutes, Beal Bocht went forward and Jeanine Rynne went close to scoring only to see her shot saved.

On 55 minutes, Miriam O’Brien had a shot saved by Beal Bocht keeper, Breda O’Neill. On 66 minutes Alyson Kaye went close, but it just hit the crossbar and went over. Final score 1-1.

Best for Harps: Miriam O’Brien, Alyson Kaye, Siobhan O’Neill.

Best for Beal Bocht: Jeanine Rynne, Tricia Halloran, Brenda Walsh.

JJ Gilligan’s 0, Parlour Moms 0

This was a good tight game with both teams going close.

Best for JJ Gilligan’s: Julie McDonald, Caroline Murphy, Deirdre Gethens.

Best for Parlour Moms: Wendy Holiender, Joan Madden, Sheri Lawson.

Lansdowne 2, Fagan’s 1

Lansdowne were 1-0 up before the start of this game because Fagan’s turned up late. The rules state that the team arriving on time receives one goal advantage.

After ten minutes Fagans got a good start with a ball from Caroline Conway. A mix-up in the Lansdowne defense allowed Justine Clifford to put her foot in and struck the ball home, 1-1.

The second half was a good tight half with Bernie Boyle and Ellen McGrail going close.

On 47 minutes Bernie Boyle received the ball on the 30-yard line took a shot and the ball sailed into the net, 2-1 to Lansdowne, the final score.

Best for Lansdowne: Ellen McGrail, Kate McGrail, Bernie Boyle.

Best for Fagans: Caroline Conway, Alison Leyden, Justine Clifford.

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